February 2022 - April 2021

Migration Watch co-founder Lord Green leads fightback against open borders in Parliament

“Our asylum system is in chaos, and very visibly so,” said Migration Watch UK President and Co-F…

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Shameful government inaction following bomber’s asylum deception

The case of the Liverpool bomber Emad Jamil Al-Swealmeen – who blew himself up outside a women’s…

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Why immigration control matters – the views of three thinkers

These arguments help to present a case for border control and reduced immigration on the grounds of positive…

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Failure to secure border threatens you and your family

Asylum chaos and law enforcement failures threaten YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Illegal entries have skyrocketed in …

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September 2011 - January 2009

Integration of Muslims

Alp Mehmet Vice Chairman @migrationwatch will be on BBC1 Sunday Morning Live tomorrow 11 September, co…

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Asylum seekers – a serious case of misunderstanting

Summary Confusion continues to reign over the distinction between an asylum seeker and a refugee. In the per…

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