May 2021 - March 2021

UK’s eight million population rise drives congestion, gridlock and declining quality of life

The relentless expansion of the UK’s population is coming to a head as new figures from the ONS suggest th…

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Our written evidence on the government’s proposed asylum reforms

The government announced changes to the immigration and asylum system in March 2021. See the Home Secretary…

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Official statistics body may have under-counted net immigration of foreigners by 380,000 (2011-20)

The Office for National Statistics has produced experimental research which estimated that net immigration f…

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How much do British citizens really care about mass immigration?

The current moment is an anomaly and cannot be used as the basis for policy going forward

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Save our green space by restoring sense to immigration policy

Figures released by the Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government show that we have lost near…

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February 2021 - September 2020

Nothing is less true than the claim we are a nation of migrants

There is a very persistent myth about Britain, that we are 'a nation of immigrants.' Ed West in his excellen…

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Immigration and population decline

A recent article in the Guardian newspaper claimed that an emerging ‘crisis’ was being seen as &…

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Overseas net migration to Scotland nearly tripled in a year

Overseas net migration to Scotland nearly tripled between 2018 and 2019, from 10,000 to 28,000 (newly-releas…

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Visa grants in the era of Covid

Initial suggestions are that the visa grants during the Covid period (e.g. Q2 2020) were 90%+ lower than in …

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Red Wall constituents oppose government’s immigration proposals

Migration Watch UK have today published the results of an opinion poll focused on the Red Wall constituencie…

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June 2020

New home needed every three to four minutes

We will need to build a home every three to four minutes to accommodate ongoing rapid. immigration-driven po…

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Restore the First Chance Rule

The ‘First Chance’ rule – also known as the ‘Resident Labour Market Test’ – is a…

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Some impacts of very high immigration – Factsheet for the United Kingdom

1. Net migration into the UK from overseas stands at 240,000 (year to September 2019 – see ONS bulleti…

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Statistical failures should not obscure the huge gulf between politicians and the public over immigration

By Alp Mehmet, Daily Telegraph, 22 August 2019 The public will rightly approach the new immigration figures,…

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The United Kingdom’s Points Based System

Summary The UK already has a Points Based System (PBS) but it has failed to reduce, or even control, immigra…

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Written evidence submitted by Migration Watch to House of Commons Public Bill Committee on the Immigration a…

Spring 2019 Summary: It is vital that post-Brexit changes to the immigration system help to restore public c…

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