January 2008 - November 2007

Migrationwatch Commentary on the Item Club “Special report on migration and the UK economy”

Said chairman Sir Andrew Green: ‘This report is very far from an objective assessment of the issue fro…

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UK benefits system linked to immigrant workers says report

Evidence that the system of social security benefits is one factor in attracting large numbers of foreign wo…

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Migrationwatch comment on today’s immigration statistics

The ONS press release headlines record emigration without mentioning record immigration. In fact, their figu…

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Huge majority believe immigration puts too much pressure on public services.

85% of the population think immigration is putting too much pressure on public services says a new poll out …

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Hold back the immigrant flood

By Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, in The Sunday Times, 4 November, 2007 Just occasionally…

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October 2007

Right not to remain silent

The Sunday Times leading article of 28 October, recognises that "It is not easy writing about immigrati…

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The rising wave that we were too afraid to discuss

Commentary by Sir Andrew Green, Chairman, Migration Watch UK, in The Daily Telegraph on 24 October, 2007 The…

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Migrationwatch comment on today’s population projections

These figures are hugely important. They imply that the nature of British society will irrevocably and perma…

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Examination by the House of Lords of the economic impact of immigration on the UK

Draft minutes of oral evidence given by Professor Robert Rowthorn, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambr…

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We need an honest immigration debate

Professor Robert Rowthorn of Cambridge University offers his views on the Government’s assertion that …

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Immigration is placing a great strain on the UK

The Government’s new Migration Impacts Forum confirms that mass immigration is placing a huge strain o…

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Impact of immigration on public services

Listen again to BBC Radio 4’s The Westminster Hour which interviewed people, such as MP Frank Field (L…

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The economic impact of immigration

Robert Rowthorn, Emeritus Professor at Cambridge University, gave written evidence to the House of Lords Eco…

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The Observer: Your Letters

In ‘The truth Migration Watch doesn’t want you to know’ (Opinion, last week), Jasper Gerar…

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Sunday Times: Letters

FITTING TOGETHER: Trevor Phillips stated that "people like Andrew Green at Migrationwatch are saying th…

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September 2007

ONS immigration figures prove Migrationwatch projection correct.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released revised figures for immigration on 27 September, 2007. The…

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