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Net Migration Figure For 2011

Commenting on today's net migration figure for 2011, Sir Andrew Green said : “These figures are a disappointment. Net migration remains far too high. Today’s numbers underline the huge difficulty of getting immigration back under control after thirteen years of chaos. The government is on the right track and numbers will come down in future […]

The Latest Net Migration Statistics

Commenting on the latest net migration statistics released by the ONS this morning Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: 'You cannot expect to repair 15 years of mismanagement in 15 months, but it is worrying news that net migration is still running at a quarter of a million a year. There is no […]

Foreign Nationals Occupy 1 In 5 Of London’s Social Housing

Figures just obtained from the Office of National Statistics show that foreign national families live in over 350,000 council and housing association properties in the capital while British nationals occupy 1.5 million. That is just under 20% of the entire stock of social homes which are occupied by those who have not been here long […]

The Latest Net Migration Figures

The latest net migration figure (to June 2011) is 250,000. Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:  "These figures are disappointing. They show that the immigration super tanker has been brought to a halt but massive efforts by the government will be essential if their manifesto promise is to be kept. For […]

Ons Released Further Population Projections

Today, the ONS released further population projections based on varying net migration estimates. Commenting, Sir Andrew Green said: "These latest official projections underline the huge importance of the government keeping to its promise to get net migration down below 100,000. Even at 100,000 these figures show that our population will reach 70 million in less than […]

Comment On Latest Net Migration Figure

ONS data released this morning shows that net migration in 2010 reached 252,000, the highest calendar year on record. Commenting Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “At over a quarter of a million in 2010, net migration was the highest it has ever been. It was more than five times the level […]

Ons Data Confirms Uk Population To Hit 80 Million By 2056

Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “ONS data todays confirms the shocking fact that the UK population is projected to hit 80 million by 2056, overtaking Germany in the process – despite having far less space – to become the most populous nation in the EU. We must get net migration down […]

Petition Demand For Public’s Voice To Be Heard On Immigration

Migration Watch UK have today launched an e-petition calling on the government to stabilise the population of the UK and, certainly, to keep it well below 70 million.The new official population projections issued last week show our population hitting 70 million in 16 years. This is on the assumption that net immigration will continue at […]

Comment On Latest Immigration Statistics

In response to the immigration statistics released this morning showing net migration for 2010 at 239,000, 21% higher on last year, Sir Andrew Green said: "These figures lay bare the legacy of the Labour government with immigration last year close to a quarter of a million, the second highest ever. The coalition government will have […]

A Guide To Recent Research On The Economic Impact Of Immigration On The Uk

Migration Watch UK published on 26 July a summary guide (Briefing Paper No 1.29) to the latest research. It covers: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per head Employment Wages Budgetary impact And includes useful quotes (and urls) from: The House of Lords Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) Office for […]

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