May 2021 - April 2021

Voters still care about borders

There was further evidence of the perception gap on the issue of immigration between the public and the poli…

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Time to have your say

As some readers of this E-mail may know, the Home Office is holding a consultation on the plans to reform …

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Jobs crisis worsened by looser visa rules

Official figures released this week by the Office for National Statistics tell us that there has been a…

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Prosecutions on illegal immigration are down

This week we point to prosecutions of illegal immigration offences –  just 625 prosecutions a year be…

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Modern Slavery laws abused

Very sad to learn of the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. A wonderful man. May he rest in peace. Abuse of…

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Immigration controls weakened

Despite last week’s tough rhetoric over asylum abuse, the government’s overall immigration policy is sca…

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A good start Home Secretary!

The big news this week has of course been the Home Secretary’s presentation to Parliament of the (on the w…

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Save our green spaces

Protected green spaces in Britain are increasingly being eroded. The latest government figures reveal that l…

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Asylum enforcement is down

New figures (summarised here) and the graph below show that the number of asylum cases waiting for over…

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We can train our own nurses

The major news this week included government announcements of new immigration routes and a further weakening…

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One rule for them, another for you

Despite the ‘lockdown’ and tough rhetoric from the government, reported illegal Channel arrivals in smal…

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Your voice will be heard

This week it emerged that 43% of people in the UK felt they could not voice their honest opinions about im…

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Recovery starts at home

Now more than ever, we need a firm immigration system; that is what the public understand, and what they tho…

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March 2021

Is this really ‘taking back control’?

Welcome to our third regular newsletter. Here are some of the issues that have kept us busy this week. The …

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Let’s train UK workers and pay them more

The most noteworthy immigration news this week was the Home Secretary’s announcement on Wednesday to requi…

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The concerns of millions about failures of immigration control must not be dismissed

Given the reluctance of large parts of the media to report on the topic of immigration in a balanced way, we…

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