One Rule For Them, Another For You

Despite the ‘lockdown’ and tough rhetoric from the government, reported illegal Channel arrivals in small boats from safe countries were up 44% during January and February this year compared to the number reported during the first two months of 2020 (see our Channel Tracking Station). As we had forecast, without firm action, the problem would get worse. The […]

9th April 2021 (Newsletters)

Your Voice Will Be Heard

This week it emerged that 43% of people in the UK felt they could not voice their honest opinions about immigration in public. This is shocking, but after 20 years fighting against the proponents of unlimited immigration and open borders, it did not surprise us. It simply means that our work has never been more important. While […]

Recovery Starts At Home

Now more than ever, we need a firm immigration system; that is what the public understand, and what they thought the government meant, by ‘control of our borders’. Our economy is heading for stormy seas. Some nine million jobs could be lost due to the pandemic and lockdowns, according to recently published research. This makes it […]

Is This Really ‘taking Back Control’?

Welcome to our third regular newsletter. Here are some of the issues that have kept us busy this week. The open-ended offer to Hong Kong’s British National (Overseas) passport holders of a path to settlement went live on 31 January. The government’s optimistic (complacent?) central estimate is that about 300,000 people could come in the next […]

30th March 2021 (Newsletters)

Let’s Train Uk Workers And Pay Them More

The most noteworthy immigration news this week was the Home Secretary’s announcement on Wednesday to require all UK nationals and residents returning from 22 countries where there is a risk of known Covid variants (and who cannot be refused entry) to isolate in government-provided accommodation – such as hotels – for ten days after arrival […]

29th March 2021 (Newsletters)

The Concerns Of Millions About Failures Of Immigration Control Must Not Be Dismissed

Given the reluctance of large parts of the media to report on the topic of immigration in a balanced way, we thought you might welcome a regular update on what is going on. We will modify the format and content of this newsletter as time passes, and would welcome your thoughts about what you like, […]

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