January 2022 - December 2021

Mass immigration’s radical impact

Promise after promise on immigration betrayed So Britain’s population is on course to shoot past 70 milli…

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Asylum age FRAUD hits record level as illegal arrivals rocket  New year, new victory. Over New Year we …

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British borders, British values

Britain is changing rapidly. This year we have released three papers (read them here, here an…

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We’ve got plenty of safe routes

There have been repeated calls this week for the introduction of ‘safe routes’ for asylum seekers to get…

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Tragic and avoidable

With the horrendous, if inevitable, tragedy in the English Channel this week with the loss of 27 lives on We…

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November 2021 - October 2021

Our border is not secure

The news that the Liverpool bomber was a rejected asylum seeker prompted some tough questions this…

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Immigration data blind spots

This week we highlighted yet another instance of the government all but giving up on enforcement o…

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Crossings surge, arrests plummet

We released a new analysis which remarkably showed that – even as illegal arrivals by boat h…

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Control’s pointless with no reduction

There are increasing calls from big business and the immigration lobby for ever more loosening of the visa s…

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Surging migration strains our NHS

As if to underline the role that mass, uncontrolled immigration has in adding to pressures on the NHS, recen…

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British workers shunted again

The Migration Advisory Committee, which advises the government on immigration policy, recommended that intra…

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Government boosts immigration

The Prime Minister suggested at the Conservative party conference that the era of unskilled mass i…

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Enforcement budget slashed

This week we issued a paper detailing how, even as the number of illegal entries has shot up, the …

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Turn back the boats. Save lives

September is now yet another record month in Channel crossings. Given massive abuse of t…

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September 2021

Record Channel crossings (again)

Another week, another record broken in Channel crossings. If it wasn’t already, this saga is now becomin…

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Immigration is a top concern once again

A new YouGov poll has shown immigration to have sharply risen as a topic of concern amon…

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