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March 2010 - May 2009

The Immigration Appeals System Revised – 2010 Version

This Briefing Paper 8.30 substantially amends and brings up to date the previous version dated March 2005 (n…

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Migrationwatch Migrationwatch comment on GLA report on illegal immigration issued on 16 June, 2009.

‘These are very expensive proposals which would only make a bad situation worse. On the report’s own…

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A Survey of European Asylum Policy and Legislation By Geoffrey Fitchew

Introduction 1. This paper describes and assesses the development of EU policy and legislation on asylum iss…

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NHS treatment for failed asylum seekers

This issue came before the Court of Appeal in a judicial review case, Regina (A) v. Secretary of State for H…

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January 2009 - September 2008

Legislative Developments

In September 2008 Briefing Paper 8.28, summarising the contents of the Draft (Partial) Immigration and Citiz…

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Immigration: BBC Radio 4: Beyond Westminster

Radio 4’s Beyond Westminster (1100 hrs – 1130 hrs Saturday, 10 January 2009) discussed whether the r…

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Sir Andrew Green: Yet another newspaper apology

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown’s article, “These bigots imperil our nation’s future“, which ap…

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Consultation on Immigration Appeals

Migrationwatch Briefing Paper No 8.28 summarised some of the main features of the government’s recently pu…

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Migrationwatch invited to put forward policy suggestions

Following the evidence which we gave to the Economic Committee of the House of Lords, Migrationwatch were in…

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Draft (Partial) Immigration and Citizenship Bill

The Bill is a draft published on 14 July 2008 to facilitate consultation. Some parts of it are still missing…

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August 2008 - March 2008

European Convention on Human Rights: Recent case law

Harry Mitchell, QC, summarises in Briefing Paper 8.27 three recent cases which are of interest. In all three…

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Recent case law on asylum and immigration

The government has recently suffered a number of setbacks in asylum and immigration cases in the High Court …

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Overview of the Dutch asylum and immigration system

Dutch methods of regulating migration About the author Dr Jeroen Doomernik is researcher and programme manag…

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Sir Andrew Green – Yet another apology from another newspaper

Last month The Independent published an apology and have agreed to pay costs and damages in respect of poten…

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The Lisbon Treaty: more red-tape round our border controls?

The Lisbon Treaty could further weaken Britain’s ability to control her own borders, according to a report…

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February 2008

Migrants should also ‘earn’ their vote

The Government’s proposals outlined yesterday for ‘earned’ citizenship should also be an o…

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