Briefing Note On Social Housing And Immigration

Demand exceeds supply 1  The Prime Minister’s speech proposed that immigrants should wait 2-5 years before joining the waiting list which, in England, has grown dramatically in recent years from around a million in 2001 to two million today[1].   Immigration Status and Eligibility 2  Currently EEA nationals who are habitually resident in the UK […]

Economic Incentives For Romanians And Bulgarians Will Be Twice Those For Polish Workers Now In Britain

Even on the minimum wage, migrant workers from Romania and Bulgaria would be immensely better off if they were to move to the UK when our labour market is opened to them next year. That is the conclusion of a study issued today by Migrationwatch.  The study found that, after allowing for differences in the […]

Eu Nationals And Access To The British Welfare State

The government have said that they are reviewing access to benefits for EU migrants. Briefing paper No 4.19 outlines the present position as a yardstick against which any such measures can be judged. We also make two recommendations.  

Eu Nationals And Access To The British Welfare State

Summary 1 Once an EU National has been granted “habitual residence” the entire UK benefit system becomes available.  Habitual residence is, in practice, very easy to obtain even for the unemployed. In some circumstances it can, in effect, be obtained from day one. Detail 2 All EU nationals have an initial right to reside in the UK for three months. Thereafter, […]

Social Housing In London: What Is The True Story?

There have long been suspicions that the public have not been told the full story about the impact of immigration on the queues for social housing.  Research by Migrationwatch into the situation in London, published today, confirms that there are important questions to be answered.  It finds that less than half the new lets by […]

3rd January 2013 (Housing, Population)

Amnesty For London’s 500,000+ Illegal Immigrants – ‘an Appallingly Bad Idea’

The Mayor of London’s remarks in India about an amnesty for illegal immigrants in the capital would be a ‘kick in the teeth’ for the many thousands of young people struggling to find a job because of the unfair competition they face, says a think tank who have today issued a report on the situation […]

Ten Migration Watch Achievements

Migration Watch has produced a list of ten key points which it has contributed to the debate on immigration. Many were initially denied but have subsequently been proved correct. The first point is: 1   The scale of immigration Migration Watch has been consistently right in pointing to the likely future scale of immigration. In 2002 […]

60,000 Bogus Students Could Have Entered The Uk Last Year – Government “have Bottled Out On Bogus Students”

As many as 60,000 bogus students could have entered the UK in 2011 alone. This is the conclusion of a study by Migration Watch, based on the findings of a Home Office pilot scheme which were published last week.  Under the pilot scheme applicants for student visas were interviewed to determine whether they were genuine. […]

Immigration Mythology

1     Introduction This paper outlines the many myths that are put forward by the mass immigration lobby in support of the current levels of immigration and dispels each myth in turn. 2    ‘Immigration provides great economic benefit’ For many years the government claimed that immigration added £6 billion a year to GDP. […]

Immigration – How To Achieve The Government’s Target

28 May, 2012 The real problem with immigration is that non-EU migrants are failing to return home. That is the conclusion of a study published today by Migration Watch UK. Over the past ten years non-EU migrants have been arriving at the rate of about 300,000 a year but have only been leaving at about 100,00 a […]

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