January 2008 - October 2007

Migrationwatch Commentary on the Item Club “Special report on migration and the UK economy”

Said chairman Sir Andrew Green: ‘This report is very far from an objective assessment of the issue fro…

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HIV: Statement by Migrationwatch

The latest report from the Health Protection Agency shows that the major source of heterosexual HIV infectio…

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Huge majority believe immigration puts too much pressure on public services.

85% of the population think immigration is putting too much pressure on public services says a new poll out …

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The rising wave that we were too afraid to discuss

Commentary by Sir Andrew Green, Chairman, Migration Watch UK, in The Daily Telegraph on 24 October, 2007 The…

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Immigration is placing a great strain on the UK

The Government’s new Migration Impacts Forum confirms that mass immigration is placing a huge strain o…

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Impact of immigration on public services

Listen again to BBC Radio 4’s The Westminster Hour which interviewed people, such as MP Frank Field (L…

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September 2007 - May 2007

At last, a big idea from the LibDems. Pity it’s such a foolish one

Commentaryby Sir Andrew Green At last the LibDems have noticed that we have a problem over immigration. For …

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TUC Report on Immigration

The TUC have not woken up to the impact of mass immigration, despite the arrival last year of nearly three q…

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Instead of “netting” £1 billion pounds annually for the Treasury an amnesty for illegal immigrants woul…

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Come to Slough, everyone else has ..The legal tangle

by Sir Andrew GreenThe Sunday Times, News Review, London, Some days ago a newspaper published a photograph o…

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