Written Evidence Submitted By Migration Watch To House Of Commons Public Bill Committee On The Immigration And Social Security Co-ordination Bill

Spring 2019 Summary: It is vital that post-Brexit changes to the immigration system help to restore public confidence in border control and also deliver a significant reduction in immigration levels. Proposals in the Immigration White Paper to loosen the Tier 2 (General) route for skilled workers are very concerning. Reliance on immigration is not the optimal means […]

Minimum Income Requirement

The Court of Appeal in the recent case of MM v. Secretary of State for the Home Department [2014] EWCA Civ. 985 had to consider the minimum income requirement introduced into the Immigration Rules in June 2012.  Previously the requirement for the issue of a marriage visa, as set out in Rule 281 was that […]

22nd July 2014 (Family, Legal Matters, Policy)

Marriage Visas And English Language Competence

Paragraph 281 of the Immigration Rules sets out the requirements which have to be met for a foreign spouse or civil partner (other than one from inside the European Economic Area) of a British citizen or person settled in the United Kingdom to be granted entry clearance enabling him or her to enter the United […]

27th June 2013 (Family, Policy)

Family Migration To The Uk

Summary The vast majority of family visas – 77% – were granted to the partners/spouses of British citizens or settled migrants. The largest number of grants is to Pakistani and Indian applicants. Some family migrants are more permanent than others – data suggests that the majority of people who enter on partner visas from the […]

20th June 2013 (Family, Population)

Family Permits For Eu Citizens In Britain

A paper issued today by Migration Watch UK reveals that 100,000 dependants of EU nationals resident in Britain entered the UK in the last five years with no conditions attached but with full and immediate access to benefits. The government’s reform of the Immigration Rules require British citizens to be earning £18,600 before they can […]

Convicted Foreign Criminals And The Right To Family Life

The paper which appears below under the title “Convicted foreign criminals and the right to family life (2)” was completed on 13 February 2013.  It is appropriate to precede it with further comments following the Home Secretary’s article on the subject which appeared in The Mail on Sunday on 17 February.  The Home Secretary accuses […]

18th February 2013 (Family, Human Rights, Legal Matters)

Benefits For Overseas Children Cost Uk Taxpayer £1 Million Per Week

The taxpayer is forking out over £1 million per week in child benefit to the parents whose children who do not even live in the UK, the think tank Migration Watch UK reveals today in a new Briefing Paper. The revelation comes following the disclosure that child benefit and tax credits are paid in respect […]

Immigration From Romania And Bulgaria

Immigration from Romania and Bulgaria could amount to 50,000 a year in the first five years.  That is the conclusion of a study issued by Migration Watch UK today.  250,000 is the population of a city of the size of Plymouth or Newcastle. That number could be considerably higher if there were to be a […]

Right To Family Life – New Immigration Rules

The Home Office has recently promulgated a document running to 45 pages which substantially amends those paragraphs of the Immigration Rules which relate to family life. In this paper I am concentrating on those amendments which relate to the ability of convicted immigrant criminals to plead in accordance with Article 8 of the European Convention […]

19th July 2012 (Family, Legal Matters, Policy)

Family And Employment Matters – Legal Notes

1. Abolition of family visit appeals. (i)   The Crime and Courts Bill had its second reading in the House of Lords on 28 May. Its main purpose is to establish the new National Crime Agency, but among its other miscellaneous provisions are two which are intended to make changes in the immigration appeals system.  […]

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