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October 2007

The rising wave that we were too afraid to discuss

Commentary by Sir Andrew Green, Chairman, Migration Watch UK, in The Daily Telegraph on 24 October, 2007 The…

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Examination by the House of Lords of the economic impact of immigration on the UK

Draft minutes of oral evidence given by Professor Robert Rowthorn, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambr…

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We need an honest immigration debate

Professor Robert Rowthorn of Cambridge University offers his views on the Government’s assertion that …

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Immigration is placing a great strain on the UK

The Government’s new Migration Impacts Forum confirms that mass immigration is placing a huge strain o…

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September 2007 - August 2007

Migrationwatch Comment on Revised Immigration Assumptions by the ONS today

Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch, points out that the new ONS assumption, released today, at las…

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At last, a big idea from the LibDems. Pity it’s such a foolish one

Commentaryby Sir Andrew Green At last the LibDems have noticed that we have a problem over immigration. For …

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Why one size does not fit all

Eurobabble is the only word to describe yesterday’s speech on immigration by Franco Frattini. Yet agai…

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The Chindamo Case

Chindamo was born in Italy in 1980 of a Philippina mother and Italian father. His mother obtained a legal se…

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Immigration divides England into two zones

Commentary News today that one in four children born in Britain has a foreign parent is clearest possible ev…

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Latest Immigration Figures ‘Not Credible’

Figures out today from the Office of National Statistics regarding the numbers of East Europeans coming to t…

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July 2007 - May 2007

Big majority for human rights opt-out over terror threat

There is overwhelming public support for a much tougher line to be taken against terrorists and suspected te…

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New UK human rights laws needed to counter new threat

The terrorist suspects arrested this week will be able to remain in Britain indefinitely and at public expen…

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Come to Slough, everyone else has ..The legal tangle

by Sir Andrew GreenThe Sunday Times, News Review, London, Some days ago a newspaper published a photograph o…

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