January 2022
London becomes the most congested city on the planet

A report from analyst Inrix revealed how bad things have got. London has become the most congested city in t…

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December 2020
Immigration and demand for homes in England

Summary 1. After the Covid crisis, net migration levels could well revert to the high levels witnessed over …

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March 2020
Some impacts of very high immigration – Factsheet for the United Kingdom

1. Net migration into the UK from overseas stands at 240,000 (year to September 2019 – see ONS bulleti…

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October 2013
Press Comment on the draft Immigration Bill

Commenting on the Government’s new draft Immigration Bill, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch U…

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June 2013
London’s ‘Demographic Explosion’

Today, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson made a speech about investment in the future of London. He pointed …

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November 2012
Migration Watch UK Calls for Targetted Assistance for Start-Ups

A paper issued by Migration Watch UK today describes the bureaucracy facing a company that wishes to recruit…

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March 2012
Immigration and the Demand for Water in England

Population increase is one of the key drivers influencing the demand for water. Projected net international …

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December 2010
Migration – The Environmental Consequences for the UK

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the UK will soar by almost 515 million tonnes over the period from 2008 to…

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