Immigration And Demand For Homes In England

Summary 1. After the Covid crisis, net migration levels could well revert to the high levels witnessed over the past five years, or even surpass them, given the range of additional uncapped routes being opened under the new Points Based System.  If so, just over half of extra homes needed in England by the early […]

Some Impacts Of Very High Immigration – Factsheet For The United Kingdom

1. Net migration into the UK from overseas stands at 240,000 (year to September 2019 – see ONS bulletin). EU net migration has fallen by about 100,000 since 2016 but still stands at 64,000 more people coming than leaving. Non-EU net migration to the UK is the highest since 2004, and gross non-EU immigration is […]

Press Comment On The Draft Immigration Bill

Commenting on the Government’s new draft Immigration Bill, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: "The Government should be commended for their determined approach to tackling illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants add to the pressure on public services and undermine the wages of British workers. It is part of a properly functioning immigration system […]

10th October 2013 (Environment, Policy)

London’s ‘demographic Explosion’

Today, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson made a speech about investment in the future of London. He pointed to the ‘demographic explosion’ now occurring and the resulting huge shortage of both homes and school places but he made no reference to the impact of immigration. He seemed to regard the population increase as entirely […]

Migration Watch Uk Calls For Targetted Assistance For Start-ups

A paper issued by Migration Watch UK today describes the bureaucracy facing a company that wishes to recruit a member of staff from outside the EU. After reading 108 pages of guidance, they need 10 sets of information to hand before completing an online application to become a registered sponsor. Commenting Sir Andrew Green, Chairman […]

Immigration And The Demand For Water In England

Population increase is one of the key drivers influencing the demand for water. Projected net international migration could increase the daily demand for water by the equivalent of 340 Olympic sized swimming pools. This will increase the risk of ‘water stress’ especially in London and the South East, where immigrants to the UK have preferred […]

12th March 2012 (Environment, Population)

Migration – The Environmental Consequences For The Uk

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the UK will soar by almost 515 million tonnes over the period from 2008 to 2033 solely as a result of the projected increase in population due to net migration over that period, says a new report out today. The report from think-tank Migrationwatch on the environmental effects of large […]

29th December 2010 (Environment, Population)


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