March 2008
Migrationwatch response to report by the Independent Asylum Commission

Responding to today’s Interim report from the Independent Asylum Commission think-tank Migrationwatch says…

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March 2008
The Lisbon Treaty: more red-tape round our border controls?

The Lisbon Treaty could further weaken Britain’s ability to control her own borders, according to a report…

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November 2007
Visa ‘outsourcing’ likely to fuel big increase in illegal immigration warns think-tank

A Government decision to ‘outsource’ applications for visas by foreigners coming to Britain is l…

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September 2007
At last, a big idea from the LibDems. Pity it’s such a foolish one

Commentaryby Sir Andrew Green At last the LibDems have noticed that we have a problem over immigration. For …

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August 2007
Immigration divides England into two zones

Commentary News today that one in four children born in Britain has a foreign parent is clearest possible ev…

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June 2007
Simplification of Immigration Law: Tidying up Legislation

Submission by Migrationwatch in response to the Border & Immigration Agency of the Home Office Consultat…

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May 2007
Social Housing Shows 40,000 Deficit Because of Record Asylum Numbers

The unprecedented number of asylum-seekers granted permission to stay in the UK in recent years has exceeded…

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