November 2020 - September 2020

Written evidence on Channel crossings submitted to House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee

1.  We make this submission after considering reports and official statistics that have been released a…

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Asylum being abused: Claimants caught lying about age

Official statistics show that over half of asylum seekers whose age was checked after they claimed to be und…

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Estimated cost of housing and payments for failed asylum claimants

What is the estimated cost of supporting asylum seekers and how has it changed? 1. The overall cost of the a…

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Only one in every 42 illegal Channel arrivals returned to Europe

Between 1 January 2019 and 1 October 2020, 237 migrants who crossed the English Channel were returned to mai…

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Trends in asylum-related support and accommodation

The UK’s asylum system is being overwhelmed and abused (see our paper). One symptom of the beleaguered…

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Illegal Channel crossings are a huge injustice

Illegal Channel crossings have spiralled upwards this year. More people crossed in September 2020 than durin…

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We are a magnet for Europe’s failed asylum claimants

The Conservative Party said in its 2019 election manifesto: “We want the UK to be a magnet for the bes…

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August 2020 - March 2016

Some are in denial about the massive abuse of our asylum system

Recently we pointed to an explosive claim that there has been a recent ‘increase in abuse’ of th…

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BOAT TRACKING STATION – Illegal maritime arrivals from safe countries

What you need to know: At least 8,652 people have crossed illegally in around 276 boats since the start of 2…

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70% of Albanians who applied for asylum between 2008-2014 are still in the UK

Various newspapers have today carried reports that two men have been charged with people smuggling after a b…

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The EU Turkey Deal – Could a similar deal be struck with North African Countries?

The EU Turkey Agreement In November 2015 the EU and Turkey held a bilateral summit to discuss the migrant cr…

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EU-Turkey Agreement

The EU and Turkey have agreed a deal with the primary goal of ending irregular migration between Turkey and …

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Legal aspects of the Proposed EU-Turkey Deal

Tomorrow, European leaders will meet at an EU Summit where many hope to agree a deal with the Turkish govern…

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February 2016 - January 2016

Asylum and the EU – The Dublin Regulation

A case in the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal has brought to public attention the Dublin Regulation which fo…

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The Future of Juxtaposed Controls in Calais

Summary It is by no means certain that the French would withdraw their agreement to juxtaposed controls in C…

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Will refugees benefit the German economy?

The news that ‘several’ of the 33 economists polled by the Financial Times (27 December) feel that recen…

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