Is Britain The Next Stop For Failed Claimants On A Huge Asylum Shopping Spree?

A proportion of those who are illegally crossing the Channel to get to the UK have repeatedly claimed asylum in countries across Europe but then been rejected. The next stop on their huge asylum shopping spree? The UK. The Home Office noted earlier this year the case of an individual who ‘claimed asylum in a […]

Some Are In Denial About The Massive Abuse Of Our Asylum System

Recently we pointed to an explosive claim that there has been a recent ‘increase in abuse’ of the asylum system. This triggered the open borders industry. Clearly we struck a nerve. We cited as a source a June 2020 National Audit Office report (NAO) on immigration enforcement which examined a claim by the Home Office […]

Channel Tracking Station – Illegal Immigrants Coming From Safe Countries

Nearly three times as many immigrants have been reported entering the UK illegally after crossing the English Channel in small boats so far in 2021 compared to the same period last year (8,835 versus 3,141, until 20 July). A population the size of a town – 19,688 people – has now crossed via this route […]

70% Of Albanians Who Applied For Asylum Between 2008-2014 Are Still In The Uk

Various newspapers have today carried reports that two men have been charged with people smuggling after a boat carrying 18 Albanian nationals was rescued off the Kent coast. For context, below is data from the Home Office on the outcome of asylum applications lodged by Albanian nationals. In the past, Home Office data shows that […]

31st May 2016 (Asylum, Migration Trends)

The Eu Turkey Deal – Could A Similar Deal Be Struck With North African Countries?

The EU Turkey Agreement In November 2015 the EU and Turkey held a bilateral summit to discuss the migrant crisis affecting the region. Vast numbers of people were making their way from the Middle East, Asia and and Africa to Turkey with the intention of making the onward journey across the Aegean Sea into the […]

Eu-turkey Agreement

The EU and Turkey have agreed a deal with the primary goal of ending irregular migration between Turkey and EU, via Greece. The deal agrees the following: As of 20th March 2016, all irregular migrants arriving on the Greek Islands from Turkey will be returned from whence they came. For every Syrian returned to Turkey, […]

21st March 2016 (Asylum, European Union)

Legal Aspects Of The Proposed Eu-turkey Deal

Tomorrow, European leaders will meet at an EU Summit where many hope to agree a deal with the Turkish government that seeks to reduce the flow of migrants crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece. The draft plan will see all illegal migrants landing in Greece sent back to Turkey within 48 hours in […]

16th March 2016 (Asylum, European Union)

Asylum And The Eu – The Dublin Regulation

A case in the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal has brought to public attention the Dublin Regulation which forms the basis for determining the EU Member State responsible for deciding applications for asylum from third country nationals. The UK has opted in to these regulations which are based, firstly, on the principle of family reunion in […]

12th February 2016 (Asylum, European Union)

The Future Of Juxtaposed Controls In Calais

Summary It is by no means certain that the French would withdraw their agreement to juxtaposed controls in Calais. Even if they were to do so, refugee camps in Southern England would be extremely unlikely. There is no prospect of camps being set up in the UK in order for migrants to make the return […]

8th February 2016 (Asylum, European Union)

Will Refugees Benefit The German Economy?

The news that ‘several’ of the 33 economists polled by the Financial Times (27 December) feel that recent mass migration to Germany could help its economy by boosting its ageing and declining workforce needs critical scrutiny.  (We are not told how many is ‘several’, who they are, how they were chosen or what the others […]

7th January 2016 (Asylum, European Union, Population)

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