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New immigration data will give Britain a wake up call

Mass Migration Madness

The net migration figures for the whole of 2022 will be published on 25 May. Our analysis (which largely informed the Centre for Policy Studies forecast earlier this week) has pointed to a figure significantly higher than the half million net migration to the end of June 2022 published last November. We believe the figure will be around three quarters of a million.  

So much for the reduction in migration promised in 2019 that was to result from taking back control and ushering in a points-based system (PBS). We warned at the time that the PBS would mean more immigration, not less. And so it has come to pass. Yes, illegal immigration across the Channel is very concerning and costly – and will get worse – but net migration on the eye-watering scale we have today is a much bigger worry. Indeed, net migration of even half (or about 350,000) of what we expect in a few weeks, we estimate, will lead to a population increase of around 9 million people over the next 20 years or so. Another city the size of London. Just think about it. 

Like the majority of the public, we at MW have for over 20 years been calling for an end to the madness and for policies that will not only control immigration but reduce it by a lot. Notwithstanding the support of millions of people for telling it how it is, our detractors have invariably resorted to puerile name-calling attempts to close down debate on immigration. Our message to them is, dream on.  

There are of course many exaggerated and often misleading claims about high immigration being a necessity, a general boon for our economy, and that we need migrants to do the jobs Brits won’t. Read what we say about this here and here

Douglas Murray wrote in The Spectator this week: ‘There remain pockets of the country that are recognisable, but the idea that we any longer have a coherent country, with a coherent set of values, ideas or beliefs, disappeared years ago. We are a collection of communities.’ 

And that is the bottom line. No one is saying pull up the draw bridge. No one is saying close Britain off to the world. But too many people, too quickly makes integration and unity very difficult, if not impossible. That is why ordinary people are right to be worried about net migration figures soaring.  

Blog of the week

Tens Of Thousands Of False Identity Documents Presented To Border Force 

Legal or illegal? Where do those crossing in small boats, with false or no identity documents – often having destroyed them to make identifying them all but impossible – sit in this? Many (nearly all) make asylum claims and in so doing dodge removal. This is no more than abuse of the system meant for those fleeing persecution and not simply in search of a more convivial existence. See our full blog here.  

Migration Watch in the news

The Times: Most Channel migrants facing deportation claim to be slavery victims

Alp Mehmet, chairman of Migration Watch UK, which campaigns for less immigration, said the figures exposed the failure of a deal struck last year to increase the number of illegal migrants returned to Albania. He said: “It is concerning that last December’s agreement has yet to have an impact. Ministers must double down and ensure those who seek to exploit the system know they will be returned home.”

You can find our comments reported on this story in the Telegraph and Express as well. 

See below for some responses to the news this week:

Telegraph: What immigration has done to house prices – and those doom-laden Brexit predictions  

‘This is why we have been calling for immediate action to bring the immigration numbers down to manageable levels. The current scale is simply not sustainable.’  

Mail Online: ‘We have far too many criminals of our own, we don’t need to bring them in from Albania’: Judge rebukes migrant who turned to crime after arriving to Britain illegally by boat – as Albanians become the biggest contingent of foreign prisoners  

‘Well said, Your Honour, we have enough problems in today’s Britain without importing a whole new criminal class. How can it possibly be in any way controversial for a judge to state the obvious in this way?’  

The Critic: The Tories’ immigration muddle 

‘Once again, a piece that echoes what we have been saying for years — if you don’t do what people voted for and bring immigration down, it will only lead to anger and discontent. That this is not obvious to our leadership class is baffling.’  

Make your voice heard

With all the headlines around asylum and ‘stop the boats’ being set to be supplanted by the harsh facts of Everest-high net migration at the end of the month, there really will be nowhere for the political class to hide. They can’t keep kicking the immigration can down the road, and they know it. That is why we must keep up the pressure. If you haven’t already, please write to your MP today to join us in the battle for properly controlled borders and much reduced immigration.  

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