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Net migration figures set to shock

Reduction, reduction, reduction!

On his flight to Japan earlier this week, the Prime Minister said to the accompanying journalists: “When it comes to legal migration, the key thing for people to know is we’re in control of why people are here, the circumstances and the terms on which they are here, making sure they contribute, to public services like the NHS for example.”  

No, Prime Minister, we are not in control of either illegal or legal immigration, or anything like it; as next week’s net migration figures for the whole of 2022 will make only too obvious. Nor is all immigration contributing to the economy and filling gaps in the NHS and services. What’s more, the public are utterly fed up with this sort of specious waffle. They were taken in back in 2019, but won’t be again. 

There were, however, some bright spots this week. The Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, was spot on when she said that it is not racist or xenophobic to want to bring immigration down to manageable levels. More common sense from a sensible Home Secretary. If only she had the support she needs from around the cabinet table where the economic liberals and the Treasury rule the roost. The high immigration zealots (including the PM?) think they can get away with focusing on the Channel and screaming ‘stop the boats’ while doing nothing about massive, long-term surges in legal migration, which is running at over ten times the rate of illegal migration across the Channel. 

We repeat, and as we noted on social media this week, even those heading the great offices of state, like the Home Office, cannot get anything done without the support of the whole government but especially that of the PM. The Conservative party must stop caving to the bloated and self-seeking business lobby. The political and economic elites have to wean themselves off cheap foreign labour. And the higher education sector and its powerful lobby must end their reliance on, and championing of, higher foreign student fees. For many of those coming, all the student visa does is provide a route to work and opportunities to be joined by dependants. It also helps keep weak universities going and damages the world-wide reputation of our universities for excellence.   

Despite the ‘narrative-control’ going on ahead of next week’s data bombshell (that’s what it will be) on the current scale of mass immigration, the public won’t be fooled. The numbers will speak for themselves. How much longer will the British public tolerate continual gaslighting and cynical messaging on mass immigration and what it means for the future of our society? Our sense is, not much longer. 

Blog of the week

Population Projected To Rise By Seven Million By 2060 As Officials Predict Dramatic Fall In Immigration Levels 

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) earlier this year released a  population projection for the UK which estimates that the number of people living here will rise from  67 million  in 2020 to  74 million  by 2060 – a rise of 7 million people over 40 years. This projection strikes us as wildly out of kilter with what is going on and what it means for future population growth. However, population growth even of this magnitude means a population increase of about 172,000 per year – this bears no resemblance to what has been going on in recent years, of course. Read our full blog here.  

Migration Watch in the the news

The Sun: MIGRANT MAYHEM Record numbers of foreign crooks including killers & sex offenders still in UK after failed deportation bids 

‘This is an appalling failure of immigration enforcement. 

‘The human rights of criminals cannot be allowed to take precedence over the safety and security of the British people.’ 

Talk TV: Peter Hitchens’ Half Hour: “There Is No Obligation For A Nation To Take In 7 Million People” 

‘If you read the House of Lords debate in which Archbishop Lord Welby took part last week, it’s absolutely fascinating, there are several contributions, notably from Lord Green of Deddington, who used to be head of Migration Watch, and also Peter Lilley, coming up with figures, and what Lord Green points out is that in the last twenty years the population of this country has increased by seven million. That is absolutely colossal.’  

Express: Criminals get £1,500 pay-out from taxpayer to return back to Albania 

‘Ministers must double down and ensure those who seek to exploit the system know they will be returned home.’ 

iNews: How migration to the UK really impacts the economy, as Cabinet tensions continue to boil  

Migration Watch UK, a think-tank advocating for lower levels of immigration to the UK, has expressed concerns about the additional housing burden during an existing crisis, and added GP demand when NHS wait times are already high. It claims the UK is the most densely populated country in Europe. 

Talk TV: Net migration levels are ten times illegal Channel crossing numbers

‘Going back over twenty years, the population grew by eight million. Now, 85% of that was due to migration and children of migrants.’ 

Make your voice heard

Our political leaders are remarkably adept at dodging accountability having broken their promises. There is always an excuse. We won’t let them get away with it. If you haven’t already, please join us in the battle for common sense policies that will bring down immigration levels, by writing to your MP today.  

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