They’re Taking Us For Mugs…


You voted for low immigration, so why the delay? 

Cut immigration, now!

According to YouGov‘s latest polling 59% of the public think that immigration has been too high, and only 10% think it has been too low. While a whopping 86% of Conservative voters — many of whom voted the way they did in 2019 believing they were electing a government intent on reducing immigration – thought immigration to be too high. Just 7% of this group think immigration has been just right. What none of them ever imagined was that we would now be witnessing the highest ever net migration figures (over half a million a year!) 

Meanwhile, the Illegal Immigration Bill stumbles through the Commons with the occasional fuss made over a concession here and an amendment there. The latest kerfuffle has been over powers to be granted to the Home Secretary to ignore the European Court of Human Rights. In fact, the Home Secretary can already do this. In the end, it will depend on the content of the Bill at the point it becomes an Act. The House of Lords will do its utmost to neutralise the Bill, as it did with the Nationality and Borders Bill this time last year. Ultimately, the government has the votes in the Commons to reverse damaging amendments passed by the Lords. Will it be enough? Will the boats stop coming? Time (of which very little remains before the next general election) will tell. But we very much doubt it.  

There have already been over 5000 illegal entrants so far this year (see our Tracking Station). Thousands more will come for so long as everyone arriving is made comfortable, provided with a bed and roof over their head (as often as not at a decent hotel) and given £45 per week pocket money pending a decision on their asylum application. Not that it matters how that goes, for few, if any, are ever removed.  

We at Migration Watch UK, like most British people, are only too willing to help those in genuine need, in so far as our resources and space will allow. However, what we don’t go along with is the throwing open of our borders for the benefit of big business and those coming from poor countries; and all at the expense of the taxpayer, the poor and often the most vulnerable here. As the brilliant Alex Phillips said on GB News recently, too many people in too short a time is a disaster for social cohesion.

Uncontrolled, unmanageable levels of immigration erode our social fabric and put ordinary people in danger. This is obvious. Not racist or xenophobic, it’s common sense.

Blog of the week

Population Projected To Rise By Seven Million By 2060. 

Given our population increased by 8 million in 20 years, with 85% (nearly 7 million) due to migrants and the children of migrants, we find this projection totally unconvincing with little supporting evidence. The assumption that net migration will fall to 246,000 per annum from 2026 strikes us as implausible. See our full blog here.  

Migration Watch in the news

New Culture Forum: Grooming Gangs: We must protect our children 

‘The protection of [our] children, that’s what we’re talking about, protecting the most vulnerable members of our society, those who are susceptible to these sorts of attacks from heinous individuals.’  

See below for some reactions to week’s news:  

The Times: Small boats crisis: Just 13% of migrant asylum claims dealt with in five years 

‘This is shocking but perhaps not surprising news. Is it any wonder that tens of thousands of people are milling around in expensive accommodation, including hotels? The only way to stop this is to send out the clear message that illegal entry will not lead to any kind of leave to stay here.’

Telegraph: Suella Braverman set to be given powers to ignore European judges 

‘This makes for a good headline, but will it make any difference? Will it stop the boats? We just don’t believe it will.’ 

Mail Online: More than £1.3 million of taxpayers’ money is spent defending 121 legal challenges to the government’s Rwanda asylum plan 

‘So not only are charities and NGOs using the law to thwart a policy that many people in Britain support, they are doing it with our hard-earned money. They really do take us for mugs.’ 

Make your voice heard

The polling cited above shows what a gaping chasm there is between the cosseted elites and what ordinary people think.  

Write to your MP today to help us get the immigration policy that serves the interests of the British people.  

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