Suspected Terrorists Enter Britain…


The danger of open borders and collapsed enforcement

Why have known terrorists been admitted and allowed to roam freely? They should be under lock and key

It emerged this week via the Daily Mail that 19 suspected terrorists were admitted to Britain having entered illegally and claimed asylum. Have we gone completely barmy? 

Indeed, since 2018, 90,000 people crossed the Channel illegally and have been admitted. Most of them are still here. The vast majority destroy their documents in order to conceal their identity and avoid removal and ease their path to being granted asylum. See our research here and our previous work here.

This is madness. Time and again, cases come to light of dangerous people with ill-intent being allowed to stay, even when asylum is denied. And having been permitted to stay they go on to commit crimes or acts of terrorism. As our latest blog (see below) shows, there are several examples whereby individuals with a terrorist background have entered the UK via irregular routes. 

Our asylum system is there for those who flee persecution. It is not for everyone who shouts the word ‘asylum’, whatever their true intentions. They must not be allowed to take advantage of a system meant for genuine asylum seekers.  

It is a disgrace that even when politicians want to do the right thing they are branded as racist by those who seem to care little for the rights and security of our citizens. The open borders zealots must not be allowed to get away with their misguided, and often dangerous, tactics. 

Blog of the week

From Baghdad to Bournemouth – Granting refuge to terrorists

The group of 19 terrorists or potential terrorists already mentioned are not alone. Read the whole account of this sorry state of affairs in our blog of the week, here.  

Migration Watch in the news

Mail Online: Suspected terrorist migrants could be free in Britain after evading biometric security checks during chaos at Manston processing centre last year, ex Border Force chief warns 

Alp Mehmet, chairman of Migration Watch UK which campaigns for tougher border controls, said it was ‘shameful’ that terrorists had been able to reach Britain with such ease. 

‘It shows the state of our border is lamentable – it is full of holes and we seem helpless to do anything about it,’ Mr Mehmet said. 

‘That is a shameful state of affairs for any country to be in.’ 

GB News: Known terror suspects are illegally crossing the Channel in small boats 

‘They’re known terrorists, so why aren’t they locked up? We can’t deport them because of our commitments to various international agreements and treaties.’ 

Make your voice heard

If you feel as strongly as we do about the mayhem at the border, the shocking state of our asylum system and the mind-blowing scale of net migration (504,000) please write to your MP today to let them know they will not get your vote next year unless they buck up their ideas and set about reducing immigration. 

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