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Meanwhile the politicians sit on their hands

The message from much of the liberal political class and elitist commentariat is pretty clear, isn’t it? “If you care about the safety of your community and your family, you must be far right, working class and almost certainly a racist. And if you care about your green spaces, school places for your children and grandchildren, and about easing the pressure on the NHS due to mass immigration, it goes without saying, you must be racist.”  

How patronising! This sneering, condescending attitude ignores obvious truths which only those locked into their own partial, one-sided and exclusive bubble are able to ignore. They are in complete denial.  

From their out-of-touch, cosseted perspective, it doesn’t matter that many people in Britain are concerned about the extraordinary societal changes that are being imposed on them without so much as a by-your-leave or nod in the direction of the democratic process.

How else can one explain the reporting of the events in Knowsley? We of course do not condone violence of any form or attacks on the police or those awaiting a decision on their asylum application. However, Knowsley aside, is it too much to expect a bit of common sense to be shown by the government and local authorities? Where is the sense in placing working age male asylum seekers in hotels in neighbourhoods with schools and young boys and girls around? Why do our politicians and ministers not see the folly of depositing in the middle of such communities men from very different cultures, backgrounds and attitudes towards women? Attitudes that are at variance with the those in Western societies? How can it in any way be racist to view such action from officialdom as senseless and likely to prompt concern among people in the communities affected?  

On another, though not entirely unrelated, issue, the message from those in power seems to be that it doesn’t matter that the ONS itself has projected a rise in the UK population of seven million by 2060. Big as this number is, seven million (seven Birminghams) strikes us as not only low but without any credible justification. The ONS appear to have glossed over the fact that the population increased by eight million, due entirely to direct and indirect migration, over the past twenty years. Net migration stood at 504,000 in the year to June 2022, over double the net migration the ONS is forecasting from 2026.  

Going back to reporting of the events in Knowsley. Sadly, given the government’s failure and seeming inability to deal with the asylum crisis, on top of the enormity of the profound changes being forced on us without the consent of the electorate, one can be forgiven for expecting to see more of these sort of incidents in the future. 

However, there were some sane voices out there. Here are three reactions from: Poppy CoburnAllison Pearson and Nigel Farage.  

We are, and always have been, a welcoming country. This comes about because of our self-confidence, self-belief and respect for the ancient ties to land, history and culture. Immigration requires space and time for integration. And it is a two-way street. In order to work, beside being made welcome and comfortable, those arriving legally have to be prepared to accept the ways and values of the country they are coming to; make an effort to learn the language and contribute through their skills to the wellbeing and progress of the country. None of this will happen for so long as immigration remains uncontrolled and at the present record levels. 

Immigration needs to be cut substantially. And the border cannot remain as sieve-like as it currently is.  

Blog of the week

£135 Million Of Taxpayer Money Spent On Asylum Legal Aid Since Small Boats Crisis Began 

£135 million  has been spent on asylum legal aid since the small boats crisis began in 2018. See the full blog here.  

The government have just rejected a  petition which called on them to make sure people who enter the UK illegally are not eligible for legal  aid. This essentially means that tens of thousands of illegal migrants can continue to access legal aid to challenge the very system intended to prevent its abuse by those coming here without permission and from safe countries. More than 130,000 people have come to the UK illegally by air, road or sea since the start of 2018 (this does not include the many thousands who overstay their visas). For further context, an average of just under £35 million per year of taxpayer money is spent on legal aid for asylum seekers. This in addition to an average of £4 million per year on non-asylum claims. In total  £585 million of taxpayer money has been spent on immigration legal aid claims since 2009.   

Migration Watch in the news

Talk TV: Migration Watch reacts to the Merseyside riot outside of a hotel accommodating migrants 

‘…they are paying traffickers to ship them over here—that’s illegal. Whichever way you look at it, and despite all the legal niceties that have been brought to bear, it’s illegal, and they are here illegally and they should be returned.’  

And some other reactions to the news this week:  

Mail Online: Revealed: Number of migrants arriving in the UK via small boat crossings over the Channel has risen 86% compared to last year’s figures 

‘It’s early days yet but if the present rate of illegal Channel-crossings continue the one thing we can be absolutely certain of is that last year’s record 46,000 arrivals will be beaten hands-down. It’s all very well for the government to propose new legislation and finally to show a bit of resolve, but to what end? How long before any new law is in place and having the desired effect? I very much doubt it will make much difference to this year’s new record, as it surely will be.’ 

Breitbart: EU Leaders Claim They Will Tighten Borders Amid Migration Surge 

‘Finally, leaders across Europe recognise that the people should decide who comes into their country, not rarified technocrats. We’ve been saying this for twenty years. Has the penny finally dropped on mass immigration into the EU? We’re not holding our breath…’  

Make your voice heard

Some pretty stark figures from the Home Office emerged this week, showing that so-called ‘Red Wall’ areas are housing seven times as many asylum seekers in their local areas compared to traditional Tory seats.  

Could it spell an electoral wipeout for the Conservatives? Apart from the 80-seat majority being in jeopardy if Labour voters, who loaned their votes to Boris Johnson to ‘get Brexit done and control our borders’, take them back, there’s now the Sturgeon resignation. Will this lead to Scottish voters going back to the Labour fold?  

Of course, there is also the not so small matter of the government instituting the system which has helped massively drive up immigration to all-time record levels. They removed key controls and caps, leading to work, study, refugee and family visas shooting up. Work visas alone have risen because it is much easier for people in 80% of the world’s countries now to come and get a job here.  

MPs are slowly waking up. If you are angry about betrayed promises over asylum abuse and overall mass immigration, write to your MP today. 

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