Net Level Of Immigration Is Now *half A Million* Per Year – An All-time Record


Net migration for the year to June 2022 is estimated by the ONS to be 504,000

This of course is an all-time record level of net migration.  The previous record was a third of a million the year to March 2016. 

To be clear, net immigration has *risen* by that amount (a third of a million) in just the past year.

The immigration inflow total is also an all-time record of just under 1.1 million (87% of whom are non-British citizens). 

EU and British net migration are both in negative figures (-45,000) while non-EU net migration is at an all-time record of 509,000 (about double that recorded for the year to June 2021). 

The ONS says migration from non-EU countries, specifically students, is driving this rise but ‘there has also been a large increase in the number of people migrating for a range of other reasons. This includes people arriving for humanitarian protections, such as those coming from Ukraine, as well as for family reasons’.

See the ONS bulletin:

Home Office visa statistics are also out today for the year to September 2022 so provide an even more up to date figure.

24th November 2022 - Current Affairs, Illegal immigration, International Students, Legal Matters, Migration Advisory Committee, Migration Trends, Policy, Population

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