The Channel Must Be Sorted Out


British voters on’t stand for lax enforcement

The Channel crisis must be solved, now!

As the number of those arriving here illegally is set to surge once again on the English Channel, politicians are beginning to wake up to the fact that the obvious chaos and absence of control is going down badly with the voters.  Even Labour have been keen to show that they have a cogent plan (which they don’t).  

However, as our Chairman Alp Mehmet told Talk TV viewers this week (see below for our full media coverage this week), the issue should have been nipped in the bud in 2018/19 when the boat crossings began to escalate – something that the former independent borders watchdog also stated (see summary). Now, with 40,000 people having come across already this year (7,000 in October alone, and 25,000 in the last four months), the situation gets worse with every passing week. 

Whatever government and opposition politicians may say or claim, the fact is, without a secure border, the integrity and future of the country is at serious risk. We cannot allow gangsters and people smugglers to dictate who will come to Britain, while open border zealots see it as an opportunity to shape the Britain of tomorrow. As Mrs Thatcher once said, no, no, no!   

As a recent poll made clear (see report), by failing to close off this deadly and illegal route, those in charge are throwing away the goodwill and trust of those who put them in office.   

Blog of the week

Number Of Relatives Accompanying Other Migrants Nearly Triples To 200,000+ In A Year 

There were more than  300,000  grants of family visas and permits in the year to March 2022 (a huge rise of 116,000 compared with the total seen just before the pandemic). 

Within this, immigration figures released by the Home Office suggest a large rise in chain immigration to the UK, with the number of people coming as dependants of those entering on other visas increasing significantly (rising from 75,000 to well over 200,000).  

This included: 

  • Nearly 50,000 more relatives of those coming on study visas 
  • Nearly 50,000 more relatives of those coming on work visas 
  • 34,000 dependants of those coming on the pathway to citizenship visa from Hong Kong 

Dependants are spouses, partners, children and the application is linked to that of the main applicant. They have near full access to the UK labour market, can work in any skill level (no salary or skill test) and can engage in study and there is no English language test requirement. Children are entitled to state education.  See our full blog here.  

Migration Watch in the news

Telegraph: Fifth of Albanian adult male migrants falsely claim to be children 

‘The high number crossing the Channel illegally who claim to be children reflects the ease with which  the asylum system can be gamed. The traffickers know that officials have been told to give the benefit of any doubt where age is the issue, to the applicant.’ 

Mail Online:  British officials will be deployed in France to fight migrant crisis after Rishi Sunak secures landmark deal with Emmanuel Macron  

‘This represents a glimmer of hope but really should have been done four years ago.

‘This joint working will have to be properly implemented if it is to make a difference. I can’t help being a wee bit sceptical about whether it can solve this problem.’ 

GB News: The illegal Channel crossings continue  

‘It’s about time that politicians used the right description of what is actually going on. I see no problem with that.’  

Talk TV: How to solve the problem of illegal crossings in the Channel 

‘The sad thing is that I think it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. If it gets better….’  

Make your voice heard

Never underestimate the trepidation that the ordinary voter can inspire in an MP when an election looms into sight. 

One letter, one vote, one visit to your local constituency clinic is all it takes, if enough of us do it.  

In 2019 everyone in Rishi Sunak’s cabinet, including the PM himself, stood on a manifesto that promised to control our borders and reduce immigration, only to deliver the opposite. Key caps and thresholds were either abandoned or weakened, which meant that people in 80% of the world’s countries found it much easier to come here and work than before. Study visas became available to just about anyone who could pay the fees and then, inexplicably, those completing their courses were permitted to stay on a further two years to do any job, or no job. While new routes for refugees abounded. Of course, we must help people in genuine need but there also has to be some sense of the impact on communities, our limited resources and additional burden on the hard-pressed taxpayer. 

And then there’s the illegal Channel crossings mess. Do please write to your MP here to make your voice heard.  

11th November 2022 - Newsletters

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