Government Plans Cover Up Of Daily Channel Crossing Total


The Home Office is reported to be preparing to ditch the publication of daily figures showing the number of migrants crossing the Channel – prompting accusations that ministers are trying to bury bad news (see media report). Please sign our petition to object to this move and also write to your MP (click here).

The department is set to publish the figures only every three months after the official statistics watchdog said data on migrant crossings needed to be more thoroughly checked before publication.

Such a move would be a huge blow to public accountability and democracy.

To put it charitably, the government seems intent on cancelling itself. Looking at it more cynically, this smacks of the North Korean approach to public information. How dare they try to keep from us evidence of their incompetence and ineffectiveness? 

Our Channel Tracker – which has attempted to count every reported daily arrival since May 2020 – has led the way on holding the government to account over this debacle, with our figures being cited in the national media time and again.

To put it frankly, the government would likely not be feeling the same heat that it is now on this topic if we hadn’t shown the numbers consistently growing on a yearly basis with our unique and hugely popular Tracker.

It shows that the number of reported crossings by boats rocketed by an eye-watering 95 times between 2018 and the end of 2021 – from 299 to more than 28,400.

The attempt to stop releasing daily figures is rooted in the fact that they are terrified of you finding out the truth.

It’s an attempt to undermine your ability to hold them responsible by fudging and hiding the figures so you have less chance to scrutinise their failure.

Click here to write to your MP and make them aware of your opposition to this move.  Also sign our petition and share it widely with family and friends so we can get as much support as possible.

The British people will not tolerate censorship.  

There must be no cover-up of the daily number of migrants crossing the Channel.

See Alp Mehmet chat to Nigel Farage on GB News about this issue here:

GB News: Alp speaks to Nigel Farage about the government’s plan to stop publishing daily Channel migrants arrival figures (see the interview from 28 minutes, 41 seconds in).  

24th January 2022 - Asylum, Current Affairs, Enforcement, History, Legal Matters, Migration Trends, Office for National Statistics, Policy

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