January 2022

Britain not obliged to take in Europe’s failed asylum claimants: Parliamentary Committee
28 January, 2022 - Blog
Bringing in the military on the Channel is a red herring
27 January, 2022 - Blog
The idea that the government is delivering on tackling illegal immigration is laughable
27 January, 2022 - Blog
Shameful government inaction following bomber’s asylum deception
27 January, 2022 - Blog
Taxpayer funds government ineptitude as £1.7 billion per year spent on putting up migrants in hotels
26 January, 2022 - Blog
Stop the asylum cover up
25 January, 2022 - Newsletter
Government plans cover up of daily Channel crossing total
24 January, 2022 - Blog
Illegal arrivals shot up. So government cut enforcement staff while funneling your money towards re-education sessions
24 January, 2022 - Blog
Mass immigration’s radical impact
21 January, 2022 - Newsletter
Population replacement: Government body says 12 million immigrants expected over next twenty years
15 January, 2022 - Blog
11 January, 2022 - Newsletter
London becomes the most congested city on the planet
11 January, 2022 - Blog
Prime Minister being economical with the truth when he says net migration has gone down since we took back control
7 January, 2022 - Blog
Speech by Lord Green, President of Migration Watch, during 2nd reading of Nationality and Borders Bill in the House of Lords
6 January, 2022 - Blog
Fraudulent documents presented to Border Force
4 January, 2022 - Blog
Tens of thousands of false identity documents presented to Border Force
4 January, 2022 - Blog

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