Surging Migration Strains Our Nhs

As if to underline the role that mass, uncontrolled immigration has in adding to pressures on the NHS, recent figures from the ONS show that there were nearly seven million new registrations with GP surgeries by migrant patients in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the past decade (2010-20). This points to the huge additional strain that rapid immigration can have on the NHS, and on GP surgeries – something that is often (and increasingly) ignored by commentators. It is no wonder that six in ten of the public have said immigration puts too much pressure on services (Ipsos polling). It is just another reason why immigration has to be reduced and controlled and our borders properly secured. High levels of immigration affect our public services and infrastructure massively. For more click here. Health tourism too is something that bugs people; do read more on this by clicking here

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UK’s Eight Million Population Rise Drives Congestion, Gridlock and Declining Quality of Life 

Mass immigration impacts on our daily life. It is a straightforward consequence of a rapidly growing population. With ever increasing numbers of people in the UK, our services, roads, green spaces and overcrowded cities bear the brunt. Twenty years of unprecedented mass immigration to the UK (a net 300,000 arrivals per year by non-UK nationals over the past 20 years) have brought with them huge changes to our society that were once unimaginable. The country’s population has risen by more than 400,000 every year since 2000. That’s a rise equivalent to a city the size of Bristol annually. Recently, the ONS confirmed that Britain’s population had risen above 67 million people. It is rapidly heading towards the 70 million that we forecast in 2012. If we want to preserve our way of life, create opportunities for younger generations and maintain the liberties and prosperity we cherish about our country, then mass immigration must end. See our blog here.

Migration Watch at the news

Our Chairman Alp Mehmet was once again quoted in the press this week. See below:  

Telegraph: Migrant traffickers step up Channel crossings to beat Priti Patel’s new laws 

‘When we think things can’t get any worse in the Channel, they do just that. Will the government please see sense and restore enforcement resources? What is the point of more fruitless effort in the Channel if – once in – illegal migrants know they are here to stay?’ 

And see here for Alp’s appearance on GB News’ Farage at Large discussing the Channel crisis: 

‘The continentals are frankly in no position to lecture us on how we treat asylum seekers and refugees….’ 

And some more reactions to this week’s news:  

Guardian: Unsafe conditions and low pay for migrants on Irish fishing boats exposed 

‘As we have been saying for some years now, is this not exactly what makes migrant workers attractive to big employers?’  

Mail Online: Stunned trucker watches up to seven ‘migrants’ climb out of parked lorry as number who have crossed by boat this year nears a record-breaking 20,000 

‘Unless we take away the pull-factors and start sending back those who force their way into our country, we can expect many more shocking instances like this.’  

For more on the Channel crisis, see our Tracking Station.  

Make your voice heard

We were promised a reduction in immigration. Yet, under the guise of ‘control’ and a lot of rhetorical flummery and distraction, we are likely to see an increase in immigration from four fifths of the world’s countries. This will be the result of abandoning the key cap on work permits and the requirement to prioritise UK workers. Furthermore, there has been the sharp weakening of skills and education thresholds. This is the real consequence of the hopeless points-based system (nothing like the Australian one), which has opened up the UK to a global pool of potential migrant workers of more than an estimated 600 million. The potential, alongside the scandal in the Channel and the newly opened mass resettlement schemes from Hong Kong and Afghanistan, is for immigration on a scale that even Tony Blair and Gordon Brown would have shied away from. This amounts to a total betrayal of those who voted in good faith for control and a significant reduction in the scale of immigration. If you, like us, are deeply concerned about this, do please write to your MP. 

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