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September is now yet another record month in Channel crossings. Given massive abuse of the system it is critical that the government does everything possible to prevent illegal maritime crossings. This requires strong and effective enforcement. Stopping the boats will save lives. That’s why our message to the government as their new Nationality and Borders Bill goes through Parliament is: maintain your resolve and don’t be pressured into weakening sensible, and necessary, measures by those who represent a minority opinion. The vast majority of British people support a tougher approach. Around 60% of the public think that illegal migrants should not be able to claim asylum, compared to about a fifth who think the opposite. While 64% of the public say it would be fair to send those deemed inadmissible as asylum seekers to be processed in another safe country – including some 86% of Conservative voters. You can find out more about the Channel and public opinion from our blog here.

The open borders brigade will continue to distort and misrepresent the likely impact of common sense changes to deter illegal entry and prevent asylum abuse. The government needs to deter the boats to save lives, and to slow the exponential rise in illegal crossings. It will also help to disrupt the criminal traffickers and protect public safety. Listen to the people, Mr Johnson.

Blog of the week

What is the evidence that our asylum system is being abused?

According to the EU’s own statistics gatherer, Eurostat, and the UHCR, there have been over seven million asylum applications to EU countries since 2008, while there have been over two million illegal border crossings into the EU since the start of 2014. The bulk of those entering in this way are likely to have claimed asylum. This wider European crisis has had a knock-on effect in the UK, with illegal Channel crossings by small boat and lorry increasing since 2018 and a rise in abuse of our asylum system by people who do not have a credible claim for asylum here, either because they are economic migrants or because they stopped or applied for asylum – and were likely rejected – in safe European countries. This kind of asylum shopping for the best deal is not what the 1951 Convention on Refugees was intended for. The Home Office itself has pointed to growing exploitation of the overwhelmed, bloated and backlogged system, which is costing £1.3 billion per year and has around 110,000 outstanding cases, including 40,000 failed claimants who have no right to be here. This is why the Bill currently before Parliament is a vital step. Read our full blog here.

Migration Watch in the news

Our Chairman Alp Mehmet has been in the media again this week. See below: 

Telegraph: Record number of asylum applications granted on basis of sexuality

‘It is of course right for the UK to help those in genuine need of protection where it can. All our authorities need to be alert to is possible abuse of the process.’

See here for Alp’s appearance on the New Culture Forum’s podcast with Peter Whittle, discussing immigration policy: 

So What You’re Saying Is: Tory Government is INCREASING Immigration (which is already at unprecedented levels).Migration Watch

‘What they’ve done is effectively open up the jobs market to something like 600,000,000 people around the world.’ 

See below for our Alp’s reactions to more of the week’s top immigration stories:

Mail Online: September set to be new record month for migrant landings with 3,413 having already made dangerous Channel dash, Home Office data reveals

‘Let’s hope the government doesn’t get cold feet about its plans to stop the boats on the Channel as open borders zealots and human rights activists do their utmost to water down if not to thwart the Bill.’

The Daily Express: Migrants come to UK not because they must but because they can NATALIE ELPHICKE

‘Natalie Elphicke is, as usual, right on the money. If we don’t separate the chancers from those who come here legitimately and seek refuge, it makes a mockery of an already overwhelmed and abused asylum system.’

The Sun: ‘WASTEFUL’ Empty 218-seat jet hired to deport just ONE person as £17m spent on removal flights

‘Wasteful, costly and ultimately useless. There couldn’t be a more apt symbol of our current border policy than an empty jumbo jet removing one offender. With 10,800 foreign offenders due for deportation living amongst the public, why wasn’t the plane full to bursting?’

And please see here for a brilliantly incisive comment on GB News by the brilliantly incisive Douglas Murray on the need for a mature debate on mass immigration in the UK. 

Make your voice heard

As parliamentary scrutiny of the Nationality and Borders Bill continues, we have been reminded how sustained action by ordinary people can have an impact on politics. We have consistently called for common sense reforms to asylum policy, for a tougher enforcement agenda and increased support and funding for the Border Force. Now we are witnessing a real discussion in Parliament on these issues. It remains to be seen whether parliament will pass the legislation in a form that allows our various immigration enforcement agencies to do the job people expect of them. If you are concerned about what is happening on the Channel and the general weakening of our borders, please consider writing to your MP (click here). Every voice matters.

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