October 2021

Surging Migration Strains Our Nhs

As if to underline the role that mass, uncontrolled immigration has in adding to pressures on the NHS, recent figures from the ONS show that there were nearly seven million new registrations with GP surgeries by migrant patients in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the past decade (2010-20). This points to the huge additional […]

28th October 2021 (Newsletters)

British Workers Shunted Again

The Migration Advisory Committee, which advises the government on immigration policy, recommended that intra-company transfer (ICT) visas lead to settlement and with no English language requirement. It’s yet another sop to big business and multinational conglomerates as well as a kick in the teeth for our young people, especially young IT graduates. What is more, we […]

22nd October 2021 (Newsletters)

Government Boosts Immigration

The Prime Minister suggested at the Conservative party conference that the era of unskilled mass immigration is over. Resuming his characteristic boosterism the PM insisted that a newly sovereign Britain will no longer allow the economy to use low-skilled labour from foreign countries as a crutch. Really? In fact, despite the ending of free movement (hurrah!) at the […]

Health Tourism – Key Points

Health tourism drains the NHS of at least £300-400 million each year because hospitals fail to identify overseas patients or never send them bills.  The government has estimated that £388 million is spent each year on EEA and non-EEA patients who should be paying for their care but are not identified or charged. This does […]

21st October 2021 (Health, Migration Trends, Policy, Population)

Migration Watch Evidence To The Migration Advisory Committee On The Intra-company Transfer Route

On 13 October 2021, the government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recommended an expansion to the intra-company transfer visa route for overseas workers (primarily in the IT industry) to come and work ‘temporarily’ at the UK branches of companies (this route has run at 55,000 grants to main applicants and dependants per year between 2011 and […]

Enforcement Budget Slashed

This week we issued a paper detailing how, even as the number of illegal entries has shot up, the funding devoted to immigration enforcement has been slashed by tens of millions of pounds. This comes to light as the government tries to pass legislation it claims will deter criminality, tackle absconding and increase the number of removals […]

5th October 2021 (Newsletters)

Turn Back The Boats. Save Lives

September is now yet another record month in Channel crossings. Given massive abuse of the system it is critical that the government does everything possible to prevent illegal maritime crossings. This requires strong and effective enforcement. Stopping the boats will save lives. That’s why our message to the government as their new Nationality and Borders Bill goes through Parliament […]


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