September 2021

What Is The Evidence That Our Asylum System Is Being Abused?

There have been over seven million asylum applications to EU countries since 2008, while there have been over two million illegal border crossings into the EU since the start of 2014. The vast majority of those entering in this way will have claimed asylum. This wider European crisis has a knock-on effect in the UK, […]

Immigration Is A Top Concern Once Again

A new YouGov poll has shown immigration to have sharply risen as a topic of concern among voters. It is now the top concern among Conservatives, while the overall share saying it is a top issue is now 11 points higher than during the peak of illegal Channel crossings last year. It flies in the face of what some commentators would have you believe is happening. High immigration is not only a major worry for the public […]

16th September 2021 (Newsletters)

We Were Right All Along…

As you know, we have been raising the alarm about Britain’s overwhelmed and abused asylum system for some time. Well, this week the rest of the media caught up, as it emerged that the cost of asylum to the British tax payer rose by 42% this year to nearly £1.4 Billion. To add to this, there was the news that the government intends to […]

7th September 2021 (Newsletters)

Mass Migration Transforms Britain

UK transformed without public consent We published an important briefing paper this week that took a further look at the impact of two decades of massive, uncontrolled immigration. It details from which parts of the world the nearly five million additional overseas-born people have come since 2000, and considers what this has meant for both population growth and societal […]

3rd September 2021 (Newsletters)


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