Mass Immigration Has Changed Our Society

90% of population growth in the crowded UK is fuelled by mass immigration

This week we launched the first in a series of papers with which we will look closely at the impact immigration has had on the growth of the population and the pace of change to the make-up of our society over the last twenty years. The main points of the paper are: immigration has driven 90% of population growth since 2017; the non-UK-born proportion has doubled to 9 million; all ethnic minorities (including the children born to migrants) now form 21% of the population and the historic British element has fallen from 89% to 79%. All this in barely 20 years. A contributory factor to this latter development has been the younger age structure of the minority ethnic population and, in some cases, higher birth rates. Taken together, and as we said in our press release, these very rapid changes raise issues that go well beyond the previous debate about net migration. You can read the full paper here. Whatever people’s opinion about the impact, these are huge changes about which the public were not consulted and parliament has not approved.

Blog of the week

The Government Has Opened Up The Risk Of Rapid Inflows Of Millions Of People With No Ability To Control The Numbers

As an indication of the government’s wayward immigration policies we need only to look at its handling of Hong Kong and the rash, open-ended, offer to take in some five and a half million Hong Kongers. This is a massive hostage to fortune that was never thought through. While a strong and effective reaction to Beijing’s treatment of Hong Kong was absolutely right, the offer of settlement to over five million people was not. For more read our blog.

Migration Watch in the news

Our Chairman Alp Mehmet has been quoted in the press this week on the back of our new paper. See below.

Mail Online: Migration ‘drives 90% of population rise’: Rise in numbers in recent years was driven by immigrants and UK-born offspring, analysis suggests

‘We can no longer duck the longer-term consequences of very high levels of immigration which have taken place without the public’s consent. The British people will be deeply concerned when they realise the sheer scale of the changes and their impact on prospects for achieving a harmonious and integrated society.’

You can also see Alp’s conversation with Julia Hartley-Brewer this week on Talk Radio:

Talk Radio: Immigration drives population growth by around seven million

‘The percentages are extraordinary. It’s a huge number in a country that is already overcrowded.’

Meanwhile the Channel crisis continues, with a great amount of tough talk, and still very little action:

Telegraph: Channel migrants make up almost half of asylum claims after surge in crossings

‘Asylum claims from those who have crossed the Channel illegally to reach the UK can no longer be dismissed as small numbers. They are adding significantly to the already wholesale abuse of the asylum system. Moreover, many of those coming this way have failed, some repeatedly, with claims in (safe) countries across Europe. They are not directly fleeing persecution. While tackling the abuse has become an urgent necessity, the new legislation is unlikely to make much difference. The flow of dinghies will not stop until those they carry are swiftly returned to the safe countries whence they come.’

Don’t forget to follow the latest developments on our Channel Tracker.

Make your voice heard

One of the core problems with mass immigration and the changes it brings to our country is the fact that no one voted for it. Those who voice concerns about the scale and pace of migration into the UK are all too often characterised by many commentators on the left and much of the media as being xenophobes, if not racist, despite these concerns being shared by a majority of the public.  The make up of our country is being changed without the consent or knowledge of of the British people. Our paper this week was the opening salvo in what we intend to be a wake-up call

Our role as Migration Watch UK has always been about alerting the British people to the impact of mass immigration. This is now being fed by the government’s loosening of key controls, all the while claiming to be taking back control. In practice, far from controlling and reducing immigration, the new system is having the opposite effect. And we haven’t even touched on the cross-Channel mess this week.

Policy must change. And this is where you come in. You can make a difference, simply by letting your local MP know that you see what is going on and you are not happy about it. You can write to your MP here.

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