August 2021

We Can’t Take Everyone From Afghanistan

Events in Afghanistan this week have dominated the headlines, while the predictable calls from many have been to take in unlimited numbers of refugees from that blighted country. We must of course provide refuge for those who worked for us and are a target for the vengeful and barbaric Taliban, notwithstanding what their smooth-talking spokesmen […]

26th August 2021 (Newsletters)

Britain Can’t Afford To Fly Blind On Immigration

In May this year, the Home Secretary gave a speech on immigration. As well as admonishing a journalist for using ‘language of old’ for asking whether the government would reduce or increase immigration, she made the following promise as part of her immigration plans: “We will be able to count in and count out who […]

We Must Stop The ‘taxi Service’ On The Channel

‘We are being used as a taxi service’ No, it was not Mr Farage who first referred to a ‘taxi service’ for those crossing the English Channel illegally, it was in fact some of the boat crews on the Border Force’s (BF) coastal patrol vessels voicing their concerns to the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders […]

9th August 2021 (Newsletters)

Net Immigration In Year To June 2020 Estimated To Be 247,000 (says Office For National Statistics)

Experimental research by the Office for National Statistics said that net immigration to the UK in the year to June 2020 was 247,000. The ONS estimated that 622,000 people immigrated to the UK in the year to mid-2020, while 375,000 emigrated, while the overall population grew by 284,000 to 67.1 million (see ONS bulletin). The […]

Mass Immigration Has Changed Our Society

90% of population growth in the crowded UK is fuelled by mass immigration This week we launched the first in a series of papers with which we will look closely at the impact immigration has had on the growth of the population and the pace of change to the make-up of our society over the […]

2nd August 2021 (Newsletters)


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