April 2021

Official Statistics Body May Have Under-counted Net Immigration Of Foreigners By 380,000 (2011-20)

The Office for National Statistics has produced experimental research which estimated that net immigration from overseas to the UK in the year to June 2020 was just over 282,000. Here are the key takeaways of the experimental and provisional research methodology which the ONS hopes to deploy for future estimates: Total net migration was 282,000 […]

Jobs Crisis Worsened By Looser Visa Rules

Official figures released this week by the Office for National Statistics tell us that there has been a decrease of 813,000 in payrolled employees since the first ‘lockdown’ started last year, and 53% per cent of this is due to fewer people under 25 being employed. On top of this 436,000 drop in payroll employment for […]

26th April 2021 (Newsletters)

Prosecutions On Illegal Immigration Are Down

This week we point to prosecutions of illegal immigration offences –  just 625 prosecutions a year between 2017 and 2019);  see ‘Blog of the Week’ below. This is doubly concerning as our borders are still as porous as ever, despite the tough talk from government and the continued global health crisis. As out Channel Tracking Station shows, […]

20th April 2021 (Newsletters)

Modern Slavery Laws Abused

Very sad to learn of the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. A wonderful man. May he rest in peace. Abuse of Modern Slavery laws This week has seen more reports of abuse of our immigration system. The news that Albanian gangsters have been using modern slavery laws to avoid being detained by police […]

Immigration Controls Weakened

Despite last week’s tough rhetoric over asylum abuse, the government’s overall immigration policy is scarily weak. This week we published a paper about new rules allowing foreign students to take up any kind of work for up to two years after finishing their studies. You can also see our press release here. Previously, non-EU graduates (who make up […]

A Good Start Home Secretary!

The big news this week has of course been the Home Secretary’s presentation to Parliament of the (on the whole, welcome) consultation document for reforming the ‘broken’ asylum system and to deal with illegal immigration, especially by those arriving in dinghies and the backs of lorries from safe countries. We broadly welcomed it (see our press […]

Save Our Green Spaces

Protected green spaces in Britain are increasingly being eroded. The latest government figures reveal that local councils are increasingly allocating supposedly protected green space for construction  – with 12 square miles of land per year set aside for housing and other construction. Over the past five years Britain has lost nearly 60 square miles of […]

19th April 2021 (Newsletters)

100,000+ Convictions For Not Paying Television Licence Fee But Fewer Than 50 For Illegal Entry

There were 114,000 convictions of UK residents for TV licence fee evasion in 2019 (Ministry of Justice data). In contrast there have been less than 50 convictions for illegal entry or overstaying under Section 24 of the Immigration Act 1971 in each of the past four years (2018-2021). The statute book is full to bursting […]

Asylum Enforcement Is Down

New figures (summarised here) and the graph below show that the number of asylum cases waiting for over a year to be processed has risen to nearly 26,000 or just under 52,000 claims that are awaiting an initial decision. Yet more evidence that the UK’s asylum system is unfit for purpose.   Read our paper on the creek […]

13th April 2021 (Newsletters)

We Can Train Our Own Nurses

The major news this week included government announcements of new immigration routes and a further weakening of rules governing the recruitment of health and other staff from abroad (see our Chairman quoted on this in The Times). Linked to this, we received media coverage for our briefing paper highlighting the fact that thousands of UK-based applicants for nursing courses have been […]

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