The Concerns Of Millions About Failures Of Immigration Control Must Not Be Dismissed

Given the reluctance of large parts of the media to report on the topic of immigration in a balanced way, we thought you might welcome a regular update on what is going on.

We will modify the format and content of this newsletter as time passes, and would welcome your thoughts about what you like, don’t like and are keen to have more of.

Border control con

Our principal concern is the government’s failure to deliver real control of immigration as promised. The new immigration system, far from ‘taking back control’ is an abject surrender to big business. We have written a great deal about this; you will find a summary here.

We know that many will be shocked by this caving-in to the demands of the immigration lobby. Far from getting better control of immigration – once Covid is out of the way – this system means the opposite.

People of many different views subscribe to our newsletter. However, you may be among the nearly 30 million people in the UK who desire tighter control of immigration and will wish to write to your MP about your concerns.

Blog of the week

Several organs of the national press covered our recent paper on the topic of housing and immigration.

We also published a blog version of an article that featured in The Conservative Woman (nothing to do with the Conservative Party and an excellent daily online publication to which you may wish to subscribe.) 

Read the blog here and see the full briefing paper here.

Migration Watch in the media

Issues such as asylum abuse and the weakening of immigration control and enforcement mean Migration Watch UK is in high demand as a source of research and comment in the national media. Our chairman, Alp Mehmet, is often quoted. Here are some those comments:

The Sun: Britain deported 4,000 fewer foreign criminals in 2020 despite tough talking from Priti Patel (17 January 2021)

“The public expect their security and rights to be put before those doing their utmost to avoid deportation following their heinous crimes.”

The Daily Telegraph: England needs to build 300 homes a day to cope with migrant surge, study finds (30 December 2020)“Reducing immigration is essential in order to halt the gobbling-up of green space. When that goes it’s gone forever.”

The Daily Mail Online: Convicted paedophile who ran through Channel Tunnel and made it all the way to the FRENCH side before he was arrested (30 December 2020)

“It seems our borders remain as porous as ever. This latest breach of security shows how desperate the need is for investment in immigration control. What we would all like to know is, when, exactly, are we going to take back control?”

The voice of 30 million

Our President, Lord Green of Deddington, is one of the very few peers who regularly draws attention to the impact and harm that can result from the failure to carefully control immigration.

Here’s a clip of him talking about the appalling new immigration system. You can watch it in full here.

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