March 2021

Is This Really ‘taking Back Control’?

Welcome to our third regular newsletter. Here are some of the issues that have kept us busy this week. The open-ended offer to Hong Kong’s British National (Overseas) passport holders of a path to settlement went live on 31 January. The government’s optimistic (complacent?) central estimate is that about 300,000 people could come in the next […]

30th March 2021 (Newsletters)

Let’s Train Uk Workers And Pay Them More

The most noteworthy immigration news this week was the Home Secretary’s announcement on Wednesday to require all UK nationals and residents returning from 22 countries where there is a risk of known Covid variants (and who cannot be refused entry) to isolate in government-provided accommodation – such as hotels – for ten days after arrival […]

29th March 2021 (Newsletters)

The Concerns Of Millions About Failures Of Immigration Control Must Not Be Dismissed

Given the reluctance of large parts of the media to report on the topic of immigration in a balanced way, we thought you might welcome a regular update on what is going on. We will modify the format and content of this newsletter as time passes, and would welcome your thoughts about what you like, […]

Alarming Rise In Abuse Of Modern Slavery Laws

Two in three modern slavery referrals made by foreign nationals in detention that were concluded between 2017 and 2019 were rejected. This rejection rate increased from 65% in 2017 to 70% in 2019. Table 1- Outcomes of modern slavery referrals from detention (HO analysis, Mar 2021). The news comes as the Home Office revealed it […]

Our Comment On Government’s Asylum Proposals

Commenting Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “These proposals are welcome. They are, rightly, designed to remove those who make false claims and to deter “asylum shoppers” who come here from countries where they are already safe. The asylum system has come very close to collapse because of high numbers and increasing abuse.  […]

An Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants Would Risk Lives

Summary 1. The PM said of his asylum policy on 18 March 2021: “The objective here is to save life.” That same day he spoke in favour of his long-standing proposal for an amnesty for long-term illegal immigrants. If the aim is to save life, why would you offer an amnesty that would only spur […]

How Much Do British Citizens Really Care About Mass Immigration?

The current moment is an anomaly and cannot be used as the basis for policy going forward

What Might Be In The Government’s Plan To Tackle Abusive Legal Claims By Activist Lawyers?

The Home Office is on the verge of releasing its plan to reform asylum rules to deter vexatious legal claims by activist lawyers and those with no right to be in the UK who are attempting to stave off their removal. The public has learned about these plans in nuggets released to the press in […]

New Statistics Point To Rising Asylum Fraud

New analysis of official statistics released by the Home Office points to increasing abuse of our asylum system by those who have broken the rules or by non-UK born criminals attempting to stave off deportation. The proportion of people claiming asylum in detention rose from less than a third (32%) to almost half (47%) – […]

Save Our Green Space By Restoring Sense To Immigration Policy

Figures released by the Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government show that we have lost nearly 12 square miles of supposedly protected green space per year since 2015 because of the rampant over-development that is partially linked to the failure to control immigration. The total land area in the green belt which was set […]

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