May 2020

77% Say Brits Should Have First Shot At Vacancies

The government plans an immigration system that WEAKENS work visa rules for citizens of 80% of the world’s countries while scrapping the sensible limit on numbers – the opposite of restoring control. However, the public say that getting UK people back to work after the crisis should take priority over helping employers to hire from […]

Border Control Betrayal Has Started

Three BIG new uncapped immigration routes were opened from 1 January 2021 as part of the government’s Border Control Betrayal. Ministers are also overseeing an asylum system that is being scammed on a massive scale as illegal immigration rises (read more here). To make matters worse, in a futile bid to appease the extremist immigration […]

Channel Tracking Station – Illegal Crossings From Safe Countries

11,053 people have been reported illegally crossing the English Channel in small boats from safe countries since the start of 2018, including more than a 100 people on 9 January 2021. Despite the health and economic crisis engulfing the UK and the world and the ‘lockdown’ of our society and civil liberties, the number that […]


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