May 2020

77% Say Brits Should Have First Shot At Vacancies

The government plans an immigration system that WEAKENS work visa rules for citizens of 80% of the world’s countries while scrapping the sensible limit on numbers – the opposite of restoring control. However, the public say that getting UK people back to work after the crisis should take priority over helping employers to hire from […]

Border Control Betrayal Has Started

Three BIG new uncapped immigration routes were opened from 1 January 2021 as part of the government’s Border Control Betrayal. Ministers are also overseeing an asylum system that is being scammed on a massive scale as illegal immigration rises (read more here). To make matters worse, in a futile bid to appease the extremist immigration […]

Channel Tracking Station – Illegal Immigrants Coming From Safe Countries

Reported illegal arrivals via the English Channel in small boats so far in 2021 are about double the total for the same period (1 January to 11 April) in 2020 – 1,455 versus 698. They are more than seven times the corresponding total for 2019 (198) and over 200 times the number of reported arrivals […]


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