Our response to the Government’s Immigration White Paper
19 December, 2018 - Blog
Proposal for an 11-month work visa – a very bad idea
27 November, 2018 - Blog
Signing United Nations Compact could only undermine Government’s commitment to control and reduce immigration
27 November, 2018 - Blog
Rights of European Union citizens to have family members join them after Brexit
19 November, 2018 - Blog
No good case for expanding working rights of asylum seekers
18 October, 2018 - Blog
Office for National Statistics household projections for England
21 September, 2018 - Blog
An ‘army’ of illegal immigrants is arriving in the UK every year
21 September, 2018 - Blog
Response to critics of our research on the impact of immigration on population growth
5 September, 2018 - Blog
Letter from Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, to Sir David Clementi, Chairman of the BBC
3 August, 2018 - Blog
Report by Scottish Affairs Committee should acknowledge that over two-thirds of Scots want reduced EU immigration
23 July, 2018 - Blog
Time for the government to stop caving in to the immigration lobby
18 July, 2018 - Blog
Written evidence submitted by Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, to the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, June 2018
5 July, 2018 - Blog
Evening Standard editorial contains litany of errors
5 June, 2018 - Blog
Staffing the health service requires training not immigration
30 May, 2018 - Blog
Selected quotes from Migration Advisory Committee interim report on European Economic Area migration
28 March, 2018 - Blog
Confederation of British Industry takes narrow minded and selfish view of immigration
24 February, 2018 - Blog

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