Household Projections For England Ignore The Impact Of Immigration​

Statement from Migration Watch Vice Chairman, Alp Mehmet


"The Department of Communities and Local Government has today published its household projections for England out to 2037 in which they state that future increases in households will come overwhelmingly from population growth, with an extra 5.2 million households by 2037; an increase of 4,000 households per week. About 85% of population growth since 2000 has been as a result of immigration. In the long run all population growth in the UK is projected to come from immigration.  However, unlike previous household projections from the DCLG, there is no estimate of the magnitude of its role in household increase.  Indeed, there is no mention of immigration at all in their report. 


​This is hardly the sort of honesty and transparency that effective government policy requires and people expect.​


There is a housing crisis in this country and DCLG have simply ducked the issue. A sensible housing policy requires a sensible immigration policy and that means lower net migration."


27th February 2015 - Housing

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