Bank Of England Report Finds Migration Negatively Impacts The Wages Of Lowest-paid Workers In Britain

A recent study by the Bank of England has found that increasing migration has driven down wages especially in sectors already experiencing low pay, such as catering, hotels and social care. This follows Bank of England Governor Mark Carney’s warning in May that the current inflow of foreign workers was holding down wages. There has […]

23rd December 2015 (Economics, Employment)

The Wages Of Millions Of British Workers Affected By Immigration

Commenting on the latest Bank of England research on the impact of immigration on wages, Lord Green of Deddington said:   “For many years the immigration lobby have claimed that there is no evidence that immigration has any significant effect on the wages of British workers.  This new research by the Bank of England blows their […]

21st December 2015 (Current Affairs, Economics, Employment)

Turkey’s Population And Immigration To The European Union

  As part of the EU’s efforts to tackle the migrant crisis they have turned to Turkey. This has resulted in a joint EU-Turkey action plan[i] on migration along with wider incentives to “re-energise” Turkey’s application for the EU and an offer of visa-free travel for Turkish citizens to the Schengen zone from October 2016. […]

11th December 2015 (Asylum, European Union, Population)

Astonishing Impact Of Immigration On Demand For Housing, Says Lord Green

Current levels of immigration, if they are allowed to continue, mean that we will need to build enough homes to accommodate 350 additional households a day. The Department for Communities and Local Government has today released their variant household projections for England at different assumed levels of net migration. Under their ‘high’ net migration scenario […]

4th December 2015 (Housing, Population)

Migration Watch Comment On Civitas Pamphlet On Immigration

This authoritative report from Professor Rowthorn, Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge, concludes that there is no economic argument, or indeed any other argument for mass immigration on the present scale, currently a third of a million per year. Commenting, Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK said:  “This landmark […]

The Impact Of Immigration On Uk Wage Levels

Summary 1. Immigration may well have some effect in reducing wages and may also hold them back from rising. Detail 2. A summary of the rather limited academic research base for the impact of migration on wages of the UK-born is contained in Annex A together with links to each of the papers or where […]

7th October 2015 (Economics, Employment)

The Populations Of The United Kingdom And Germany

The populations forecast for the UK and Germany are entirely different. All population projections have a considerable degree of uncertainty, especially in current circumstances. However, until recent events, the German population that was expected to fall whereas that of the UK seems likely to continue to rise at the most rapid rate for nearly a […]

Humanitarian Protection And The Current Asylum Crisis

1.The following is the definition of humanitarian protection in legal briefing paper 174: HUMANITARIAN PROTECTION If a person’s application for asylum is refused consideration must be given immediately as to whether he qualifies for humanitarian protection under paragraph 339C of the Immigration Rules.  If he is to qualify he must show that there are substantial […]

22nd September 2015 (Asylum, Human Rights, Legal Matters, Policy, Refugees)

Migration Watch Uk Press Comment On Ons Net Migration Statistics August 2015

Responding to today’s net migration figures, Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: “Net migration at one third of a million a year is clearly unsustainable. Nearly half of the inflow is now from the EU, including 50,000 from Romania and Bulgaria as we have long predicted. This underlines the need for […]

Labour Leadership Candidates On Immigration

On July 25th the final hustings of the 2015 labour leadership election were held in Warrington. During the course of the hustings the candidates were asked ‘where do each of the candidates stand on Britain’s place in the EU and can we solve the immigration issue while remaining in the EU?’ The Candidates went onto […]

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