The Guardian And Data ‘facts’

The Guardian recently posted an article in their ‘DataBlog’ section which claimed to examine the facts behind our headline claim that 150,000 eastern European migrants pay no more than £1 a week in direct tax.  It is disappointing that despite writing under the tagline “Facts are sacred” the author, Tom Wills is unable or unwilling […]

2nd May 2014 (Economics, European Union)

Tax Contribution Of East European Migrants

In a Today Programme interview on 30 April about our paper published that day (see Briefing Paper 1.38), Mr Portes did not challenge our findings that low paid migrants pay little or no net direct tax.   However, he suggested that we had overlooked the effect of other taxes paid by the low-paid.  He made the […]

1st May 2014 (Economics, European Union)

Many East Europeans Work Hard But How Many Pay Tax?

About 150,000 pay only £1 a week net tax A new study out today reveals some of the ‘hidden’ costs to the UK taxpayer of the unprecedented wave of low paid Eastern European immigration in the past decade and how they are being ‘subsidised’ by the UK taxpayer. The research from think tank Migration Watch […]

30th April 2014 (Economics, European Union)

Mrs Roche On The “benefits” Of Immigration

In her article for The Independent on Sunday on 20 April, Barbara Roche criticised Yvette Cooper for failing, in her recent speech, to make “the single most important argument on migration; that immigrants put more into Britain than they take out”.    She continued “Their net contribution – equivalent to more than 4p on the basic […]

23rd April 2014 (Economics)

Labour Still Doesn’t Grasp Public Anger At Immigration

By Sir Andrew Green Yvette Cooper’s speech on immigration yesterday illustrates the huge gap between the public and politicians. The shadow home secretary’s remarks amounted to an elegant camouflage for Labour’s absence of policy on the key issues. The central issue is not whether immigration is good or bad, but what is a desirable scale […]

11th April 2014 (Current Affairs, Policy)

Nick Clegg In The Debate And The True Scale Of Eu Migration

On April 2nd The Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader took part in a debate on the European Union in which questions were taken from members of the studio audience. One question asked about the level of immigration and its impact on infrastructure[1]. “Although I believe that immigration is essential […]

Migration Watch Uk Press Comment On The Revised Net Migration Statistics Released By The Ons

The ONS has today revised the net migration figures between 2001 and 2011, in light of the undercounting of immigration during that period, discovered as a result of the 2011 Census. Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK said:   “This is final confirmation that net foreign immigration under Labour totalled nearly 4 […]

Migration Watch Uk Press Comment On Yvette Cooper’s Immigration Speech

Commenting on Yvette Cooper’s speech, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:   “This speech is elegant camouflage for the absence of any real policy on the central issue of scale. Net foreign immigration under the last Labour government totalled nearly four million, two thirds from outside the European Union.  Yvette Cooper now says she wants to see […]

Some Clarifying Points On Eu Migration, Clegg &farage Eu Debate

At last night’s debate on the European Union between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg, the following exchange took place regarding Migration Watch’s recently released paper ‘The Outlook for EU migration’: Nigel Farage: “Indeed there was a report out this morning from Migration Watch which said that even at current numbers we’ve got to build a […]

3rd April 2014 (European Union, Population)

Over Half A Million Eu Migrants Expected In The Next 5 Years – That Is More Than The Population Of Manchester

The recent increase in migration from the EU is likely to continue into the medium term throwing the government’s immigration policy off course and creating tension between the UK’s continued membership of the EU and control of our borders. That is the conclusion of a paper issued today by Migration Watch UK. The paper, the first […]

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