Migration Watch Uk Press Comment On The August 2014 Immigration Statistics

Today’s numbers are deeply disappointing with an across the board increase in immigration, a fall in British emigration, and no increase in departures. Net migration at this level is simply not sustainable. It will put huge further strain on our infrastructure, housing and school places. If current levels were allowed to continue, the population would […]

Comment On Express Story On Illegal Immigrants

This morning a story has appeared on the front page of The Express newspaper with the headline 'Fury over Britain's 2m Illegal Migrants' which claims to be based on Migration Watch UK research.   It is reported that Migration Watch UK estimates that 52 migrants attempt to enter the UK clandestinely every day and that […]

27th August 2014 (Uncategorised)

What Can Be Done About High Levels Of Immigration From The Eu?

The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show that over the year to June 2014 the annual increase in the number of people from Eastern European countries in employment in the UK has reached record levels, surpassing even the previous peak annual increase in the year to June 2007. This has raised the […]

14th August 2014 (Economics, European Union)

Migration Watch Uk Press Comment On Romanian And Bulgarian Labour Migration

Commenting on the figures released in today’s Labour Force Survey, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: "A 13,000 increase in the number of Romanian and Bulgarian workers compared to the same quarter last year is significant, especially as transitional controls were still in place for the first half of the year. Once dependants are factored in it […]

13th August 2014 (Employment, European Union, Population)

Migration Watch Uk Press Comment On Huge Rise In A8 Employment

Commenting on the figures, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK said: "This is the sharpest increase in A8 migration since the boom year of 2007. The fact that it has occurred despite measures to restrict benefits underlines the need for Britain to renegotiate with the EU about the terms of free movement of […]

The Niesr On Immigration– Maximising Our Population For Minimum Gain?

1. This quarter’s National Institute Economic Review is a special immigration edition. The key paper essentially claims that Britain will be worse off if net migration is reduced to the tens of thousands, as the government has pledged. 2. Using a dynamic overlapping generations computable general equilibrium model (tell that to the man on the […]

6th August 2014 (Economics, Policy, Population)

The Impact Of Immigration Controls On Skilled Migrants

There is no evidence of a negative impact of immigration controls on the availability of skilled migrants.  Less than half the Tier 2 quota has been taken up in the three years since it was introduced.  Nor is there any evidence to link a fall in non-EU skilled migration with an increase from the EU […]

A Thoroughly Bogus Petition

On Thursday 24th July, Million+, a think tank associated with non-Russell Group Universities, announced its support for the centre right think tank ‘Bright Blue’ in its campaign to have students removed from the net migration target. Million+, whose affiliates obviously have a significant interest in high fee-paying overseas students, and Bright Blue, which appears to […]

25th July 2014 (Education)

Minimum Income Requirement

The Court of Appeal in the recent case of MM v. Secretary of State for the Home Department [2014] EWCA Civ. 985 had to consider the minimum income requirement introduced into the Immigration Rules in June 2012.  Previously the requirement for the issue of a marriage visa, as set out in Rule 281 was that […]

22nd July 2014 (Family, Legal Matters, Policy)

Immigration Act 2014 – Article 8 Echr

Public interest considerations 14 July 2014  1          There has been much concern in recent years about the number of cases in which convicted foreign criminals have been able to frustrate  decisions to remove or deport them from the United Kingdom by reliance in appeals against such decisions on Article 8 of the European Convention on […]

18th July 2014 (European Union, Legal Matters)

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