Swiss Referenda On Immigration

Summary 1.  Some press reporting has implied that the recent Swiss referendum has reversed an earlier decision to impose restrictions on immigration.  This is not so. The referenda 2.  In February 2014 the Swiss people voted on a proposition “Against Mass Immigration” which was in favour of their country:  Independently managing immigration to Switzerland Limiting […]

9th December 2014 (European Union, Policy, Population)

The Impact Of Immigration On Population Growth

New calculations by Migration Watch UK in a paper published today show that net migration has accounted for about 84% of the UK’s population increase over the past decade.     The official publications of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) state that, on average, 57 per cent of UK population increase since 2001 has been […]

Higher Education Is In The Rudest Of Health, So Why Suggest Otherwise?

By Sir Andrew Green Chairman of Migration Watch UKConservativehome Blog,  22 November, 2014  The UK is one of the most attractive countries in the world to come to study. But if you listened only to Mark Field, the Conservative MP for the Cities of London and Westminster, you might be forgiven for being concerned about […]

24th November 2014 (Education, Visas/Work Permits)

Comment On Cream’s Revised Report ‘the Fiscal Effects Of Immigration To The Uk’

1. CReAM have now published a revised version of their paper first put out in November 2013 on the fiscal effects of immigration to the UK. The original CReAM paper was given extensive media coverage and flourished as conclusive proof that immigration was a fiscal benefit to the UK, and that migrants contributed more in […]

5th November 2014 (Economics)

International Students In The Uk – The Facts Of The Case

1. There is no limit to the number of genuine international students who can come to the UK to study. An unlimited number can also stay on and work so long as they can find graduate level work paying £20,000 a year. 2. Students are counted in the UK’s net migration statistics, as they are […]

31st October 2014 (Education, Visas/Work Permits)

The Local Impact Of Immigration

Migrationwatch are today publishing the results of two opinion poll questions enquiring about the impact of immigration in a respondent’s local area and about their reaction to it.   On the first question about impact 20% replied “a great deal” and 35% “a fair amount”.  Those who replied “Not much” were 32% and “none at […]

29th October 2014 (Policy)

Immigration At The Party Conferences 2014

Labour camouflaged their record on immigration and their lack of any commitment, let alone policies to reduce it by focusing on relatively trivial labour market measures. The Liberal Democrats had nothing significant to say. UKIP repeated their intention to adopt a Point Base System – the very policy that led to chaos under Labour. They […]

20th October 2014 (Policy)

Why The Uk Is Wide Open To International Talent.

Two news stories in particular have caught our eye this week. Here are a few concrete truths in response to a great deal of hot air and very few facts. On Tuesday the Nobel prize winning British scientist Professor John O’Keefe warned the government that its immigration policies were ‘a very very large obstacle’ to […]

Britain Is Open For Business

1. Despite the government’s substantial range of measures to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands by the end of the Parliament, the UK remains very much open for business. There are numerous categories under which people can come to the UK to work, do business and study, allowing people to invest in and […]

Response To The Times Article ‘drop In Overseas Students Blamed On Migrant Rules’

On Friday 26 September The Times ran a story with the headline ‘Drop in overseas students blamed on migrant rules’. The report was based on claims made by the University umbrella organisation Universities UK, which is primarily concerned with maximising overseas student numbers in order to further the financial prospects of Universities. While that in […]

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