Migration Watch Uk Comment On Prebble Report

Commenting on the BBC Trust’s review “A
BBC Trust Review of the Breadth of Opinion Reflected in the BBC’s Output

(Stuart Prebble Report), Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK,

“This report is a lost opportunity.

The BBC Trust’s conclusion that there is no
persuasive evidence that significant areas of opinion are not given due
weight today simply skates over the BBC's record in
recent years which the report itself describes. We now know from the
census that over three million immigrants have arrived in just ten years yet
there was hardly a peep from the BBC- still less adequate coverage of the case
against mass immigration. Unfortunately, it seems from the BBC Trust’s comment
that this report will be taken by the BBC as a licence to continue ignoring the
licence fee payers.”

3rd July 2013 - Migration Trends, Population

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