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The London Evening Standard – 28 March, 2013: Immigration: why the public is right by David Goodhart

“I had not given immigration much thought.…….though as a journalist of Leftish sympathies I was reflexively in favour of it…” “What changed that was hearing Tory intellectual David Willetts speak about the risk of too much diversity undermining the moral consensus on which the welfare state depends.”

“It seemed like such a good idea that I’d never thought of.”… “There was an element of intellectual opportunism about it. I thought he was on to a really, really big thing.”

“Unlike most members of my political tribe of north London liberals I have come to believe that public opinion is broadly right about immigration. Britain has had too much of it, too quickly, especially in recent years, and much of it, especially for the least well off, has not produced self-evident economic benefit.”

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8th April 2013 - Migration Trends, Population

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