Press Release: Options For Romanian And Bulgarian Migrants In 2014

UK Wages and Benefits a Magnet to Two Million Romanians and Bulgarians in Spain and Italy Some of the two million Romanian and Bulgarian migrants in Spain and Italy may find the lure of Britain difficult to resist. This is the conclusion of a new report from the think tank Migration Watch UK. It finds […]

Migration Watch Uk Evidence To Mac Review On Low Skilled Work

Summary 1. Large scale immigration by low paid workers from the EU reduces the wages of low skilled British workers, adds nothing to GDP per head but adds considerably to pressure on public services. In-work benefits are a huge incentive and must be reformed. Recommendations are at paragraph 14. Introduction 2. Migration Watch UK believes […]

Scottish Immigration Proposals Unsound And Unacceptable

Comment on Scottish White Paper The proposals in the Scottish White Paper issued on 26 November are unsound for Scotland and unacceptable to the rest of the UK.  They would provide a barn door to England. That is the conclusion of a study released today by Migration Watch UK. The White Paper starts with the […]

2nd December 2013 (European Union, Policy)

Briefing Note: Romania And Bulgaria – Will The Government’s Proposed Benefit Changes Be Effective?

1. Although EU citizens are often described as having ‘free movement’ within the EU there are some restrictions on their right to live in the UK. All EU citizens have an initial right to reside for three months after which they have a right to reside only if they are exercising their treaty rights as […]

Response To Cream Paper On Contribution Of Migrants To Economy

Summary 1.  The press release, much publicised by the BBC, was heavily slanted to obscure the report’s finding that all migrants in the UK, regardless of their year of arrival, made a negative fiscal contribution of £95.4 billion between 1995 and 2011.   It also obscured the finding that, in respect of those who have arrived […]

The Release Of 2012-based Population Projections

Commenting on the population projections released by the ONS today, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: ''These latest projections confirm that we are still on course for a continued and substantial increase in population. By the end of the next Parliament the population will have increased by 3 million, the equivalent of […]

Non-active Eu Migrants And Access To Welfare

Summary 1. Despite overall low rates of unemployment of EU citizens in the UK, the UK also contains the largest proportion of EU job-seekers who have never worked, suggesting that our residence based benefits system is all too easy to access. These migrants cost the taxpayer nearly £400 million a year. Whether they come originally […]

Foreign Students – How Many Have Left?

Summary 1. The most recent statistics included a new data set which for the first time gives an indication of the number of non-EU students who left the UK in 2012. This short note explains what this new information tells us. Read the full Briefing Paper

15th October 2013 (Education)

Home Affairs Committee Report On Asylum

Commenting on the latest Home Affairs Committee report on Asylum, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:  "This report seems to lack impartiality. Indeed it could well have been written by the asylum lobby. With asylum seekers queuing up in France to get into Britain, the system cannot be that bad."  Follow us […]

11th October 2013 (Asylum)

Press Comment On The Draft Immigration Bill

Commenting on the Government’s new draft Immigration Bill, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said: "The Government should be commended for their determined approach to tackling illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants add to the pressure on public services and undermine the wages of British workers. It is part of a properly functioning immigration system […]

10th October 2013 (Environment, Policy)

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