Comment On Today’s 2011 Census Release

Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, said:  "This census confirms the impact of mass immigration on our population. We now find that even the official numbers previously understated the scale of net migration by 14% and even this does not account for the illegal immigrant population who would not complete the census form. Our […]

16th July 2012 (Migration Trends, Population)

Press Release: Removal Of Students From Immigration Figures

Commenting on press reports that the Prime Minster is considering removing students from the immigration figures, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK said: "Removing students from the net migration figures would destroy the Prime Minster's credibility at a stroke. He promised "No ifs. No buts" which means just that – not blatantly fiddling […]

9th July 2012 (Education)

Economic Impacts Of Immigration To The Uk

 1. Summary The impact of immigration into the UK on GDP per head – the key metric measuring prosperity – is essentially negligible (see section 3 below) Although labour market effects are notoriously difficult to estimate, there is tentative evidence to show that some immigration has had negative effect on the employment of UK-born workers […]

6th July 2012 (Economics, Employment)

Immigration Mythology

1     Introduction This paper outlines the many myths that are put forward by the mass immigration lobby in support of the current levels of immigration and dispels each myth in turn. 2    ‘Immigration provides great economic benefit’ For many years the government claimed that immigration added £6 billion a year to GDP. […]

Family And Employment Matters – Legal Notes

1. Abolition of family visit appeals. (i)   The Crime and Courts Bill had its second reading in the House of Lords on 28 May. Its main purpose is to establish the new National Crime Agency, but among its other miscellaneous provisions are two which are intended to make changes in the immigration appeals system.  […]

20,000 Jobs Go To Foreign Graduates

It is time that British Graduates were given priority for jobs. That is the conclusion of a study published today by Migration Watch UK. Under the latest government scheme, all foreign graduates are allowed to stay on for six months to look for a job. This is supposed to attract “the brightest and the best”. […]

The Impact Of Immigration On Maternity Services In England

Summary 1  Between 2000 and 2010 births in England increased by over 114,000 – from 572,826 to 687,007.   Immigration has been the key factor fuelling this increase: three quarters of the increase in births was to women born outside the UK. Overall, in 2010, over a quarter of all live births in England were to […]

Response To The Speech By Ed Miliband

We welcome the change in tone from the Labour Party and their recognition of the real importance of the immigration issue to the wider public. However, an effective immigration policy must address the issue of scale. Net migration is now at the record level of 250,000 a year. The public still needs to know what […]

House Of Commons Debate And Motion On The Application Of Article 8 Of The Echr

 Summary of the debate held in the Commons chamber on 19th June (Hansard Reference: 19 June 2012 : Column 760). Theresa May and Damian Green's speeches are shown in full.  

21st June 2012 (Human Rights, Legal Matters, Policy)

Response To Yvette Cooper’s Times Article

In response to Yvette Cooper's article in The Times of 21 June, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migration Watch UK said: "This is a very significant shift of policy and is music to our ears, confirming what we have been saying for ten years. But it is a bit rich coming from a party which, when […]

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