Recent Supreme Court Cases

In its judgment in the case of RT (Zimbabwe) and others v. Secretary of State for the Home Department [2012] UKSC 38 delivered on 25 July 2012 the Supreme Court gave an important ruling in relation to asylum appeals. The four parties from Zimbabwe were asylum seekers claiming that if they were returned to Zimbabwe there was […]

8th August 2012 (Asylum, Legal Matters)

House Of Commons Debate On No To 70 Million Petition

Last year Migration Watch UK, launched a petition on the government e-Petition website calling on the government to take all necessary steps to get immigration down to a level that will stabilise our population as close to the current level as possible and, certainly, well below 70 million – the figure that the UK is […]

Supreme Court Pronounces On The Immigration Rules

In Briefing Paper No 8.43, issued in July 2010, I commented on the case of Pankina v. Secretary of State for the Home Department [2010] EWCA Civ.719, decided by the Court of Appeal. The principle enunciated in that case is that changes in the law, in particular to detailed provisions in the Immigration Rules, must […]

Students; Genuine Or Bogus – A Response To The Nus

The NUS has made some criticisms of our recent paper which do not stand up to scrutiny. Their first point was that the countries listed in the pilot do not represent the wider student body. Quite so. That is why our calculation was explicitly confined to those countries included in the Home Office pilot and […]

26th July 2012 (Education)

Briefing Note: Attempts To Fiddle The Immigration Figures Are Bound To Fail

Removing students from the net migration statistics would be wrong in principle and impossible in practice. It is wrong in principle to remove over half of the recorded inflow. There is no difference between a worker and student if they are both here for several years, as the Minister for Immigration himself pointed out last […]

60,000 Bogus Students Could Have Entered The Uk Last Year – Government “have Bottled Out On Bogus Students”

As many as 60,000 bogus students could have entered the UK in 2011 alone. This is the conclusion of a study by Migration Watch, based on the findings of a Home Office pilot scheme which were published last week.  Under the pilot scheme applicants for student visas were interviewed to determine whether they were genuine. […]

Population Size

By Sir Andrew Green,Chairman, Migration Watch UK,The Times, London 20 July, 2012 Sir, Your leading article (“Census and sensibility”, July 17) suggests that population size is not a cause for concern. That will surprise many of your readers, especially those in England and certainly those in London and the South East where daily life consists […]

21st July 2012 (Population)

Office Of Budget Responsibility: Immigration And Public Debt

The graph (see Briefing Paper No 1.32), taken from the latest OBR Report has been seized upon by the immigration lobby as it purports to show that immigration helps us to tackle our debt problem. Two points they did not make: (a) The magic scenario that holds our public sector debt to 40 % of GDP […]

20th July 2012 (Economics)

Bill Of Rights – Second Consultation

In our legal Briefing Paper No 8.55 published in August 2011 I set out the views of Migration Watch in response to the initial consultation paper issued by the Commission on Human Rights.  For all the reasons set out in that paper we expressed ourselves to be strongly opposed to a new Bill of Rights. On […]

19th July 2012 (Legal Matters, Policy)

Right To Family Life – New Immigration Rules

The Home Office has recently promulgated a document running to 45 pages which substantially amends those paragraphs of the Immigration Rules which relate to family life. In this paper I am concentrating on those amendments which relate to the ability of convicted immigrant criminals to plead in accordance with Article 8 of the European Convention […]

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