Strong Public Support For A Limit On Foreign Students

70% of the public want a limit on the number of foreign students admitted to Britain – that was the outcome of an opinion poll published by Migrationwatch today. The question explained that about 250,000 foreign students from outside the EU arrive every year to study in Britain.  They pay the full cost of studying […]

17th September 2012 (Education, Visas/Work Permits)

Sir Andrew Green: Immigration Control Should Not Impede Economic Growth

Sir Andrew Green is Chairman of Migrationwatch UK. Does the government’s political imperative to get immigration down to acceptable levels conflict with their economic imperative to stimulate economic growth?  For business generally, the answer is a resounding “no”.  There are no limits on the transfer of international staff, vital to so many companies based here.  […]

Government To Report International Students Separately Within Net Migration Figures

Commenting on the announcement by the Rt Hon David Willetts MP, Sir Andrew Green said: "We welcome improvements to the migration statistics that will provide an estimate of students’ contribution to overall net migration.  Better information is vital for a more informed debate.  It is important, however, that students remain in the government’s net migration […]

Response To Nus Briefing On International Students

The majority of students leave at the end of their studies. There is no evidence to support this claim. The IPS still cannot distinguish departing workers from departing students.   A recent Home Office study of a sample of cases, ‘The Migrant Journey’, found that after five years, 20% of students remained in the UK legally. […]

11th September 2012 (Education, Population, Visas/Work Permits)

70 Million A Vital Aiming Mark

The Migration Observatory has today published a report attacking the concept of a population target of 70 million and questioning whether it can be achieved. They accept that immigration accounts for 68% of our population growth and that the latest official projection will take the UK’s population to 70 million in 15 years. The government […]

6th September 2012 (Migration Trends, Population)

Are Foreign Students Worth £12 Billion A Year?

The NUS are now claiming a figure of £12.5 billion as the benefit of foreign students. The universities lobby has previously bandied about the figure of £8 billion. The implication is that this valuable sector of our economy is somehow being put at risk as a result of tightening the immigration regulations for foreign students. […]

Net Migration Figure For 2011

Commenting on today's net migration figure for 2011, Sir Andrew Green said : “These figures are a disappointment. Net migration remains far too high. Today’s numbers underline the huge difficulty of getting immigration back under control after thirteen years of chaos. The government is on the right track and numbers will come down in future […]

Youth Unemployment In London And The Ippr

The IPPR recently published a report looking at youth unemployment in London[1].  In the report they appear to recognise that inward migration from abroad is one of the factors that has affected the employment chances of young Londoners. “Employers have also become increasingly reluctant to hire teenagers, particularly in London. Only 6 per cent of […]

24th August 2012 (Education, Employment)

Ten Migration Watch Achievements

Migration Watch has produced a list of ten key points which it has contributed to the debate on immigration. Many were initially denied but have subsequently been proved correct. The first point is: 1   The scale of immigration Migration Watch has been consistently right in pointing to the likely future scale of immigration. In 2002 […]

Question Time

After the census results campaigners attempted to downplay the impact of rapid population growth on life in England. We were told to take solace in the fact that the Japanese live in even more crowded conditions and that England is only the third most densely populated country in the EU. Evidently some cannot wait to […]

16th August 2012 (Population)

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