Rule Change Opens Nhs To The World

A recent government decision threatens to turn the NHS into the ‘World Health Service’ and should be rescinded as a matter of urgency, says a think tank in a report out today. Its provisions allow illegal migrants and foreign visitors full and free access to primary care services, which can be the first step to costly and […]

27th November 2012 (Health)

Unhcr Guidelines – Sexual Orientation

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) published on 23 October 2012 a new set of Guidelines on International Protection relating specifically to claims to refugee status based on sexual orientation under the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees.  These Guidelines supplement the UNHCR Handbook on Procedures and Criteria for Determining Refugee Status […]

19th November 2012 (Asylum, Legal Matters, Policy, Refugees)

Migration Watch Uk Calls For Targetted Assistance For Start-ups

A paper issued by Migration Watch UK today describes the bureaucracy facing a company that wishes to recruit a member of staff from outside the EU. After reading 108 pages of guidance, they need 10 sets of information to hand before completing an online application to become a registered sponsor. Commenting Sir Andrew Green, Chairman […]

Letter by Sir Andrew Green
Migration Watch UKThe Economist, 3 November, 2012  It is surely impossible to argue that Britain’s immigration policy is “crippling” business and the economy (“The Tories’ barmiest policy”, October 20th) when there is no limit to staff transfers between international companies and only half the available work permits have been taken up. […]

Immigration Control Is No Barrier To Economic Recovery

Introduction: The Economist and others, such as Jonathan Portes (Director of the NIESR) are wrong to claim that immigration control is acting as a barrier to economic recovery. A careful examination of the immigration statistics does not support their exaggerated claims. That is not to say that the bureaucracy cannot be improved and Migrationwatch will […]

Immigration Caps Don’t Hamper The Economic Recovery. Why Pretend Otherwise?

By Sir Andrew Green, Chairman, Migration Watch UK The immigration lobby are getting desperately short of arguments to set against the huge costs of mass immigration.  The first body blow was a House of Lords report which “found no evidence…… that net migration generates significant economic benefits for the existing UK population.” (See abstract here).  […]

A “barmy” Article In “the Economist”

The cover story of this week’s Economist claimed that immigration was the governments “barmiest” policy which was “crippling business and the economy”.  Analysis: These claims are wildly exaggerated.  In the last available year (to Q2 2012) the facts are that[1]: Intra-company transfers were slightly up to nearly 30,000. Work permits were up 15% to nearly […]

An African War Criminal

An appalling case is reported today, 8 October 2012, in the Daily Mail Online. It is the story of a Sudanese African whose identity is not disclosed, who in the course of a number of BBC interviews said that he was between 2003 and 2006 a fighter in the Janjaweed militia which was responsible for […]

9th October 2012 (Asylum, Legal Matters)

International Students: Key Issues Explained

1. Are international students of value to Britain? Yes, provided that they intend to return at the end of their studies. Students pay fees and contribute to local economies through their living expenses. They also take their expertise when they leave which benefits their home country. Once home, they are more likely to do business […]

24th September 2012 (Education, Population, Visas/Work Permits)

University Claims Of Attracting ‘brightest And Best’ Students Challenged

Claims by the UK education establishment that UK universities attract 'the brightest and best' international students have been shown to be greatly exaggerated by a new study out today which reveals that in fact the vast majority attend institutions that are not considered to be in the top tier of learning in Britain. The study from […]

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