Sir Andrew Green’s Letter In The Daily Telegraph

Curbing Immigration 


I am most grateful for your generous
endorsement of Migrationwatch in today’s editorial (“Labour has no
right to lecture on immigration

Looking ahead, we must recognize that many are shell shocked by the pace of
change in our society, now underscored by the census results.  Integrating
the nearly three million immigrants who have arrived in the last ten years will
be vital to the harmony of our society but this cannot be achieved unless the
inflows are brought under control.

That is why, in our view, David Cameron’s historic pledge was – and is – of
central importance.   By setting a clear objective he has given
direction and coherence to immigration policy.   We now project that
he has a fighting chance of achieving it, provided that he sticks to his guns.
Special interest groups will, of course, continue to fight their corners but
the public interest in getting immigration under control is surely

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17th December 2012 - Migration Trends, Office for National Statistics, Policy, Population

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