Judicial Review – Proposals for Reform

27 December, 2012 The Ministry of Justice has recently published a consultation paper on this subject. The n…

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Bill of Rights – Commission’s Report

21 December, 2012 The Commission set up in 2011 to report on the possibility of a UK Bill of Rights publishe…

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Sir Andrew Green’s Letter in The Daily Telegraph

Curbing Immigration  Sir, I am most grateful for your generous endorsement of Migrationwatch in today…

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Speech by Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband this morning

Following the speech made this morning by the Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband, Sir Andrew Green said: "…

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Comment by Sir Andrew Green on Home Secretary’s Speech on Immigration

Following the speech made this morning by the Home Secretary, Theresa May, Sir Andrew Green said: &quo…

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Census Results: Comment by Sir Andrew Green

11 December, 2012 Following the release of today's Census results, Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrati…

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Generous UK Welfare System a Magnet for EU Workers

The UK benefits system is so generous and easy to access that it is likely to prove a “magnet” to people…

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Amnesty for London’s 500,000+ Illegal Immigrants – ‘An Appallingly Bad Idea’

The Mayor of London’s remarks in India about an amnesty for illegal immigrants in the capital would be a …

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Is the fall in net immigration due to a fall in student numbers?

Immigration data The latest net migration statistics to March 2012 show a significant fall in net migration …

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Migration Statistics

This morning the ONS released the latest net migration statistics for the year ending March 2012, showing th…

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Rule Change Opens NHS to the World

A recent government decision threatens to turn the NHS into the ‘World Health Service’ and should be res…

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UNHCR Guidelines – Sexual Orientation

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) published on 23 October 2012 a new set of Guidelin…

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Migration Watch UK Calls for Targetted Assistance for Start-Ups

A paper issued by Migration Watch UK today describes the bureaucracy facing a company that wishes to recruit…

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Letter by Sir Andrew Green
Migration Watch UKThe Economist, 3 November, 2012  It is sur…

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Immigration Control is no Barrier to Economic Recovery

Introduction: The Economist and others, such as Jonathan Portes (Director of the NIESR) are wrong to claim t…

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Immigration caps don’t hamper the economic recovery. Why pretend otherwise?

By Sir Andrew Green, Chairman, Migration Watch UK The immigration lobby are getting desperately short of arg…

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